How to use liver -Liver Recipes

Now I asked for hints of what folks are looking for and someone said, can you give me a idea of what you do with your liver.. I am cheating a little here folks, I am pulling out photos and recipes from the past on the blog.

So for me at least the liver comes in a huge big piece from my butcher, it does not come in a good freezer bag either, so my first steps are to get out my knife, now you can use a regular knife but I like my old electric Bread knife to be honest and I cut it pretty much frozen, as in just thawed enough to cut but ice cold and mostly frozen, its cut into slices for some, and chunks for other dishes, then its repackaged. Some of its will go for dog training treats, some of it will go for pate and the rest will end up normally fried and served up as a liver supper.

On the farm, I am much more likely to have fresh small livers, fowl, rabbit, lamb or pork, Beef liver is gotten max once every year to year an half so most of my recipes are based on the smaller livers but regardless the basic’s are the same, shift the recipes up and down based on the size of livers you are using and the amount of portions you are making.

(yes, I know, I know, I expect my readers to have a steady grasp on the basic’s of cooking)








Ah but there is one other way to use up some of that liver, grind it and mix it with your ground meats for stuffing in sausages, Like heart, lungs and spleen, a small amount of liver ground up, with organ meats taking between 5 to 10% of the overall mix will just blend and your family and friends will never know 🙂



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