Coconut Salt Bar Soap with recipe

I made a batch of pure coconut salt soap with friends at a soap making day in Nov, Its finally ready and I love it! Ps, this is not one of my 12 soaps of 2014 🙂 Its a 2013 soap!

2013-01-01 1152 (600x450)

Its just awesome.. now they say you need to let your salt soap cure longer then the regular cold process, but I didn’t find it so.. six weeks and I was pleased as punch on how it worked out. Rich thick lather, a lovely soft feeling after washing, It seems to give your skin a polished feeling,  no colors or scent in this soap, just as pure as can be..

This bar is super simple but please don’t make it until after you have made a few basic cold process soaps, as it will trace very quickly and its odd in its heating and cutting time.. start with something a bit more forgiving then this soap 🙂

Coconut Salt Bar Recipe

  • 32 oz of coconut Oil
  • 10 oz of water
  • 5.5 oz of lye
  • 32 oz of salt added after the soap is made an at trace.

This soap was ready to be cut within an hour after being made..

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1 Response to Coconut Salt Bar Soap with recipe

  1. Cate says:

    Hi FG — looking forward to the monthly soap recipes and 2014 give-aways 🙂 I have no experience in making soap but would love to learn. I have a few questions ….
    1) where is the best / cheapest place to buy lye and coconut oil?
    2) Are there any books or you tube videos that you would recommend for a newbie?
    3) Also, I would like to look into grey water recycling …. I’ve heard that a lot of commercial soaps and laundry soaps are not safe to use for grey water recycling… do you know if homemade soaps would be ok?
    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
    Happy 2014!

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