Weigh in Day -Week Two..

Well, the morning was bright and early and I got on the scale and went ok!

Start of another week for weigh in, Total loss to date : 8.4

  • Oct 27th- 54.6
  • Nov 2nd 50
  • Nov 9th- 46.2

Would have liked a bit more but I will take it! and be happy about it, we had a few days this past week where the scale didn’t go up but it refused to go down.. it just sat there

Have been able to get out and ride three times this week, would have ideally liked to have gotten out at least once more but life got in the way..

Well, I have been faithful on the daily food blogging, so that is good, and I have been so good so far on staying with this, I have not cheated once! I know that sounds kinda lame but trust me, normally in a two week period, I would have broken the rules at least a few times but so far so good.

Now today is two weeks into what is without a doubt in some ways the hardest “food program” I have ever been on, its a interesting one because its based on percents, 20 percent carbs, 30 present protein and 50 percent veggies and fruits, heavy on the veggies, light on the fruits, ideally slow carbs only.

Seems simple and it is, I can get the plates to have the right portions and you can eat lots of different choices,  but then the other rules kick in.. and suddenly it gets a lot tighter.

No white sugar, No caffeine, in any form, be it coffee, tea or chocolate, no fake sweetners, no white flour, very limited grains, limited nuts, must eat something green every day, the lean organic proteins and the free range eggs and the whole fat dairy, we got that covered on the farm, the fruits are not bad and its getting that many veggies in daily.. Honey is the sweetener allowed

However there is a interesting side effect, I must eat the three meals a day at a reasonable set period in time, and that is the longer I am without, the less I am really noticing what I am missing, I am focused on what I can have at the moment, rather then what I can’t have.

I have been working on my knee strengthening program, in some ways it seems to be helping and in others, its going to take time, I have also been doing free weights and crunches this week, which to a point just means I spend my days being sore but I am also doing lots of stretching as well.

All in all, its been a good week on this front, i’ll take it.



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1 Response to Weigh in Day -Week Two..

  1. Denise says:

    That is quiet an accomplishment. You should be pleased. Way to go farmgal.

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