A photo a Day- Busy Bee’s

2013-01-01 246 (450x600)

Yup, I was thrilled yesterday to see four kinds of bee’s in the garden yesterday, but only a certain kind was willing to get its photo taken, still it was awesome to see that everywhere I turned there was bee’s, we didn’t seem to have many this spring and I went out of my way to leave certain area’s for feeding the whole season long, I left of water spots to make sure in the heat they had their drinks etc.. and now in the fall, the farm, the yard and the gardens are reaping the rewards, those queens have been busy! and I hope that they have lots put away for winter!

2013-01-01 249 (600x449)

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2 Responses to A photo a Day- Busy Bee’s

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Great shot(s), but too bad the rest were too shy for a photo, FG…
    I don’t think this one, judging by the set of her wings and lack of fuzz on her abdomen, is Apis mellifera (honey bee). If she is who I think she is, she’s also just a bit larger and a little more domineering than a regular honey bee; you’ll often see these girls playing the Bully as they zip erratically from one blossom to another with a little detour in the middle to feint toward a competitor. Honey bees, on the other hand, are (normally) more like grazing cattle, going calmly from one flower, to the next…
    It’d be great if you could manage another photo session to capture some of the others but – just a hint here – only when you have time for them to get used to you standing there, very still, in the Asters. They are a prey species after all and won’t let you get too close, so you’ll have to be ready to wait for them to come to you…
    Happy hunting!: )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Been wondering about your nectar supply there… Is this a stand of (all) White Aster or are there other colours mixed in? (Too much of the White is really hard on the bees’ guts): Also, how’s the ratio of Aster flower to Goldenrod down there this year? We had a bumper crop of Goldenrod last year, but no where near as much this season…

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