whimper, o my poor nettle patch..

You see we have a problem, we have had really heavy rains, and we have a full green house..

2012-12-24 341 (500x375)

While the bigger potato patch is up and going..

2012-12-24 345 (375x500)

The newly planted red seed potato’s is underwater.. if it does not dry up soon its going to rot them.

My oldest pepper plants, really, really need to be planted, so I gave up my favorite close nettle patch.. groan in my front part of my main garden, I still have three more patches but not one of them was this close or used daily like this one was..

2012-12-24 339 (375x500)

Now its a pepper patch, all caged and bedded down..


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1 Response to whimper, o my poor nettle patch..

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Will pray for your peppers – I only have two left after the deer came through… Am now reseeding. My cucumbers though are struggling as they don’t like being this wet and we aren’t going to discuss my tomatoes. The beans are about to get transplanted and they and te peas have now reached that size…

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