Fresh Cheese, made into stuffed pasta with sauce.

Ok this cheese is just way, way to easy to make.. I took half a gallon of 3 day old girls raw milk, heated it and then took 1 tsp of citric acid mixed with half a cup of cool water till it was well mixed in, and then poured it into the milk.. and voila, quick and fast fresh curds, let sit for ten min, scoop, and drain..

2012-12-24 322 (500x375)

the book is very clear about this, because this is a fresh cheese, and because it has no salt, then you need to use this the same day as making it.

2012-12-24 323 (500x375)

I added in a good amount of salt after it was made, and didn’t bother to press it, given what I had in mind..

2012-12-24 324 (500x375)

it was spiced/herbed/salted and stuffed into pasta tubes and smothered with thick pasta sauce, and baked.. yum, yum..

2012-12-24 325 (500x375)

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  1. jj says:

    Looks delicious!

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