The next chapter..Showing Respect..

Now this was interesting as I had a visit with my momma this morning, and we were talking about what is in the post before this and she felt that if I took the hide that I was just being disrespectful.  I don’t agree..

I skinned with care and prayed while I did so, I was very pleased that the hover that I had felt the day before was gone today!

Its like I said to my mom, I will do this hide with extra care, love and I will pat it for years to come, always with a send to the devine with a thank you for this gift..

I don’t consider it disrespectful at all, I think using this part of the calf, which is the only part I can do so safely is in fact showing my respect and honor to it.. Without stretching it, its pretty close to 3 by 3 an half.

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 121 001 (640x577)

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3 Responses to The next chapter..Showing Respect..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “May you be as free as the wind and, straight as an arrow, journey into the heart of God.”
    (Slightly altered) Irish prayer for the dead

  2. erikamay85 says:

    Poor baby.

    I had a lamb that maybe I shouldn’t have saved. Survival of the fittest and all, keep the health of your flock, blahblahblah…but it felt disrespectful not to give her a fighting chance. She has become a vivacious little girl, but it cost money, time and love. I don’t care, though, she thinks I’m her momma and its worth the $50+ I’ve spent on milk and supplies. I like to help my aniaml live, I can’t stand letting the ones with a will to live just die.

    I see someone on craigslist around here selling dairy calves for $50 each…I’ve been tempted to buy one, but i don’t have the room.

    How different is the meat from a male dairy breed to a meat breed? How long do dairy calves need milk? Sheep can be weaned in about a month (not ideal, but done often) so many commercial dairy operations will let the lambs nurse for a week or so before moving them to either full re placer or go a month or so letting the lambs nurse during the day and separating at night then milking in the morning. Its less milk but less cost of raising the lambs and they are healthier. Why don’t dairies do something similar then sell the calves after a month or two when the rumens start working? or does it take much longer for a calf?

  3. I will pat it for years to come, always with a send to the devine with a thank you for this gift..

    a true show of respect

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