March Challanges- Feel free to join in!

Now normally, March is my eat only from my house and farm, the rules are simple if something comes on sale, I can buy it but it must go into the pantry and not be used, this is always a good challange, as March is without a doubt one of the hardest months, and therefor one of the best months to find out where your pantry is lacking..

This march is coming in no different, anyone care to join me in the march challange, I have two breaks this month, one I am still going to get my green box, and I will own up to it and what was in it, so given that, if anyone else decides to play along this year, I feel its only far to give the same amount up for everyone, that means that you are able to have a total of 20 dollars of fresh fruits and veggies, that keeps us on equal footing but that is all that you can bring in fresh..

Otherwise, you are on living out of your pantry and freezers, and see how it goes and report back, let us know where you have found your strengths and your weakness?

Now in keeping with challanges.. anyone besides myself and deb going to take on the Double Dare ya, plant challange for 2013

Sign up for the Double Dare Ya Weed Challange, its so simple, and for all your gardeners ad cooks, you should love this one! for the rest of us, o boy are we all going to get to ideally learn something new!!

Starting in spring in your area once a month, I want you to find something growing in your yard, flowerbed, lawn, ditch or garden or park that you “think is a weed or non-useful” be it tiny plants, big plants, bushes or tree’s! and I want you to research it, report on its extra uses, (get creative here girls, can it be used as a color dye, can it be used to make cordage, can you use it for medical, herbal, compost, in a salve) and then pick on thing that can be done with it, and do and report back with a link to your site and or put it all in the comment section and I will put it up on this blog for you.

Lets go with the end of the month but I am not going to put a set date, sometimes in the last week of the month is the time to share your Double Dare You Weed Challange

While I really want to keep this challange as free flowing as possable, join in when you want, and if you can only do a certain number of months that’s just fine.  If you need idea’s just say so and I will be happy to put up a few different thoughts.

The Year of the Cheese is coming right along, and I have a few things planned on it for this coming month.. My soaping is also coming right along, and I continue to make sheep milk soaps.

Last but by no means least, I am going to try and do one more oddbits or offal recipe per month. March is going to be heart! so if you want to join in, its simple at any point in time in March, do up a nice heart recipe, share it and let me know and i will link you back in and we will all see some nice recipes..

Jan – Rabbit Livers on a bed of veggies

Feb was Bone Broths-A lovely pork bone broth soup



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1 Response to March Challanges- Feel free to join in!

  1. Well, I’m working on emptying my cupboards, with the exception of what we’re taking, but I might still have to buy things. I’ll see how I can do. Tonight we had meatloaf and noodles.

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