Lamb Liver with Onions, Mushrooms on sauerkraut Recipe..

On boxing day, we butchered out a lovely young lamb for our personal use here on the farm, and that means fresh Lamb Liver, and it was a lovely looking liver indeed! I split it into two portions, the other recipe will be coming soon as will a new Lamb Heart Dish..  Having said that, this dish is a mix of the tradional and a nod to my grandpa’s german roots 🙂 This served two.

Breaded Lamb Liver with Fried Onions/Mushrooms on a bed of hot Sauerkraut!

  • Half a pound fresh lamb liver, sliced into 1 inch stripes, soaked in whole milk for at least one hours but no more then four.
  • 2 Tbs of butter, 2 Tbs of olive oil
  • 1 Extra Large Onion
  • 2 or 3 large white mushrooms
  • a heaping cup or cup and half of sauerkraut.
  • 3 heaping tbs of flour or cornmeal or coconut flour etc.
  • Salt, pepper, seasonings (I used a premix for Roast Beef)

Prepare your liver, trim out any peices of tubing with a small sharp knife, cut into 1 inch stripes and cover with whole milk and let soak for at least an hour, when ready prepare your spiced flour.

In a cast iron on med heat, melt your butter, and cook your peeled, sliced onions till golden brown, remove and set in a bowl, then place your sliced mushrooms in till browned, remove, and add your olive oil, then take your liver out of the milk, and bread them up and into the pan, making sure each peice have lots of room, (no touching please) leave and do not flip until the sides are fully cooked and you are ideally seeing cooking seepage on the top side, then flip, you should have a good golden crust on the side that is cooked, another 2 or 3 min to fully cook but still be super tender and moist.. Remove and dump your sauerkraut into the pan, just heat it though and then remove and place in the middle of the serving dish, arrange the liver around the mound and top with the onions and mushrooms. Excellent as is but can also be served with a side of hot mashed if you want..

If you like Liver and onions but want to take it step up, do give this one a true!

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5 Responses to Lamb Liver with Onions, Mushrooms on sauerkraut Recipe..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Okay, (so I don’t know, I may have asked you about this before) but does lamb have that “furry” undertone like goat (or worse mutton – gag me!): Maybe I’ve never had it prepped properly, but it’s a taste I just can’t get past. I’m sorry, it’s not like I’m super fussy or anything; I like venison, LOVE bear and moose, raccoon is awesome; there’s just something about that furry taste… 😛

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Oh, and liver and onions is awesome (just as long as it’s not furry; )

      • Not sure on the furry but this spring, I was served a lamb dish at a event, and I could not make myself swallow the first bit, I did the napkin thing, which is just aweful, and I know it because I love lamb but it was bad!

    • Well, My lamb is super good and the liver is very mild, I can say that I have had other sheep breeds meat and not liked it at all, I don’t like New Zealand sheep meat, but I do love my own breed and meat.. its awesome, some of it I think is the breed, some of it is how they are raised/butchered and some of it is what they are feed (extra garden produce)

      The trick to really good lamb/hoggot in certian dishes is to defat the meat before cooking.. then it is unlamby, and just wonderful dish of whatever spices and veggies you are using etc.

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