Thusday Health Update..

Well, this is turning out to be more of a twice a month, then weekly but I’m trying, the thing is, there is not alot to write about this week in terms of health, down another pd or two, overall been doing well on my eating and enjoying the bounty of the fall season in the garden, working with the horse, puttering around the house and outbuildings, giving a helping hand now an again with friends fall to do lists. Lots of Grooming of hounds, as they are all shedding out their summer coats and starting in on their winter coats.

So lets talk about something related to health but not directly to mine.. Recalls.. I am guess that most of you have heard about this huge beef recall, involving Costco, Safeway, co-op etc

I asked my momma as I know she shops at costco, but was pleased to learn that while she likes to shop their fruits and veggies, she gets her beef from a small local farm front store where they wrap in butcher paper instead of plastic and that the beef is all locally raised on their or farms around them.. Wonderful and way to go mom..

So here is my question for the day, did this recall or any other recall in the past month effect your household, or not?

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3 Responses to Thusday Health Update..

  1. oceannah says:

    NOT affected…I don’t buy meat from anyone but the FARMER that grows it…I know his name, his wife, his kid, I know where he lives… When will we wake up to that simple truth of REAL food safety “know thy farmer”.

  2. Grammom says:

    Not me – I never shop at Costco. I buy my beef from a local farmer as well….

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