Accepting Help..

Well, I have often said over the years, boy I wish we had a extra pair of hands around the place now and again, and then Dh and I buckle down and try and work a little harder..

Every now and again you just need to ask for a bit of help, my basic farm rules are simple, the critters needs come first, then us, then the house, then the garden, then the barns, and last but not least, the yard..

Now I know that I am lucky that I live in the country, so if a) I don’t get to the mowing, its not that big of deal, as long as we keep control of certain weeds etc or b) I can stake out a critter to eat it down. Having said that, there are certain things that do need to be done..

A perfect example is that since getting Girl/Marty and now Brandy, there needs to be a regular poo pickup in the pasture..

Now if we were the typical small farm, we would have a quad, and a single peice of harrow to pull behind and I would go out once a month and drive back and forth breaking up the piles and allowing them to compost in place..  (and once I have brandy’s harness, the thought of rigging something like this is possabe) but as we don’t have a quad, and I don’t have a spare couple hundred for that harrow peice at the moment, I am doing it the old fashioned way..

Wheelbarrol and manure fork, its not hard work but it does suck up a bit of time each week and its important work! In case you didn’t know unlike my sheep/goat poo, which is lovely little pellets that just melt away in a couple rains, the cow and horse poo’s are big thick piles, they smuther the grass under them, and they give a huge boost to the weed seeds in that small general area and the horse and cow don’t/won’t eat right around them, now given the smaller size of my pastures, and how many poo’s they do in a day, if you didn’t pick up and compost them, it would be very clear, very fast that I would be losing X amount of grazing pasture per day, x per week, x per season.

Now as luck would have it, I happen to have a young gentleman who was interested in giving a helping hand, and I am thrilled with it, he will come over once a week and do a pickup for me, this helps him in regards to him being able to enjoy his “wants” and it helps me greatly in having one less thing on my own personal plate of things to do..

I am also looking at getting a few hours of extra hands help for finishing up the garden, building that new hugelculture bed and general fall cleanup, as well as some help for Dh in building my new horse Snow plow  V style..

For those that can do video, here is the utube of the one we are going to make, and I love that he shows how he is using it to do the plowing itself.

I think this is a great project for Dh to get to have a helping hand build, and that way it can be a one day project, and be ready for winter use, I can’t wait for myself or Dh to not have to hand shovel out the driveway and the paths to the barn this year, we will still have to do some shoveling for smaller paths but for the bigger ones, this will work perfect, and in turn I think that the sloop will work perfect for the small paths, we will see..


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2 Responses to Accepting Help..

  1. Kodi says:

    I stumbled across a nifty, useful thing last year. Take three old tires, bolt them together in a triangle, run an eyebolt or two through one to hitch on to, and you can drag your pasture easy. Great for training you g stock, too, as it isn’t too heavy or hard if they bang them selves on it. Then, if you fill the holes of the tires, the centres, with road mix, you can even out your driveway with it, too, in the summer!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You know, I SWEAR that horse was actually watching to see whether she was staying on the right line or not: a lovely animal who obviously enjoys what she’s doing: ) TOO Cool!
    Looks like it might be a little tricky figuring out how to get the snow to go where you want it (and even more so, once the banks start to pile up… ‘specially up your way, hey?; )
    Seems like this works pretty well, but think I’d be making the driver’s platform just a little larger (in case of a misstep or bad footing/icy conditions?)

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