The Lane.. For all those explorers that love to take the backroads..

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  1. While we were out sunday driving on a dead end backroad wild apple picking, we saw this line of tree’s, looked like a windbreak until we drove past it and realized that it was a private drive, I just had to get this picture, I took a number some standing, some kneeling and some wide, some narrow, and I even as I took it, I knew I would want it to be a black and white.. this is the version I like the best.. Thanks again Daddy for passing your love of taking photos to me and thank to hubby for always being willing to stop and go back so I can get them..

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    The perspective here reminds me of the Ganaraska Forest and so many other “reforestation” areas… Such perfect symmetry in trunk and branch – like perfect mechanical soldiers on parade – so weird and completely unnatural; leading off into the infinite, flat, false and featureless, an imminent future forebodingly reminiscent of “I Robot”, impending…
    Please let me explain… Just the other day you were talking about the “quality” of food in stores, then a couple of days ago Anna linked us up with a piece (and ensuing discussion) from The Cherry Diaries here:, then yesterday on Ontario Today/CBC Radio One the author of the “Locavore’s Dilemma” was praising the Global Marketplace and DIScussing the Locavore’s Diet here:
    and now, in my imagination at least, you’ve brought it full circle here today; great shot!: )

    • DH and I caught that “twit” on the radio yesterday and thanks for posting the link as Doomer had asked for it, and I had not gotten around to tracking it down 🙂 I was truly amazed that anyone could have such a attitude in today’s world, he was the guy with his head stuck in the sand, ears stuffed with cotton and talking out what was sticking up in the air, if you know what I mean..

      Both of us got hot under the collar to say the least listening to him but the irony of the fact that we were out wild foraging for apples to put up and to use as feedstock for our barn critters, as well as tracking and marking down six more bushes and or patchs of things that are all havestable was not lost on us..

      As for the photo, I agree, there is nothing natural about it, it was clearly man planted and man groomed and I have seen photos like it from around the world and even a few sort like it over my years but there tended to be a paved path or open sky or peaple or a bench etc.. this was the first time I found one that was second to last to a dead end road, not real sky, just peeks, and a old dirt road down it.. its the oddest mix of road to nowhere feel, part nature and part other.. As soon as I saw it flash by while we were driving slow looking at the bush line, I knew I wanted and needed to take that photo..

    • Deb, so interesting! I was just talking with a friend about the impending “I Robot” world. I’m very glad we could all connect!

  3. tim says:

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