A monday this and that post..

My first monday back on the farm in close to six weeks and I am loving it! The amazing new purple daylily’s that I was given in my Spring Plant swap with Deb are stunning! Love them!, the other’s are doing well and are lovely as well but o those lilys, they are pretty enough to just stand there and gaze for a moment or two..

I have the dryer full again this morning filled with clover blooms for winter tea, the new herb settings give a amazing product but it sure take alot longer to dry things then my older hotter ones do, and plan to make some herbal salve this afternoon, I also need to make a new batch of nettle vinager for bites and small cuts..

Girl tested the barbwire fencing yesterday an now has two lovely (not) six inch scrapes down her upper shoulder/back area, a spot that the flies can reach but she can’t, so I will be watching, cleaning and treating as required.. its very shallow and will no doubt heal quickly.. The cows grazed for at least five hours in the pasture with no issues, and then broke a gate I never have seen them even look at and they were out.. Do you konw what we now have the fence around the garden in three ways.. fence posts closer together for stength, then on the one side, green snow fencing (also good for climbing plants) to keep the chickens and ducks out, then on the other side is sheep fencing, to keep the sheep out, and now it has four strands of barbwire to keep the cows out, if at some point I need to run a hot line it will reach the offical “sheez” level!

We need rain! I am honestly surprised that the pasture is holding up as well as it is, but if we don’t get rain, I am going to have to lock down most of my pastures and consider feeding hay from the first cutting and only allow limited pasture access until we get more rain.. strangely the current weather has really! encourage certainly “problem” plants in the pastures and ditches, the two big ones being wild creepers (normally we see a few each year but this year there are at least 40 to 50 popping up all over the big pasture) and Wild Parsnip, its everywhere this year and we are doing a running battle with it and its one of the few things that DH reacts to, on the other hand the heat and lack of rain is effect wild pickings and harvesting in our local area just as much as its effecting my crops on the farm..

We took a little walk in the woods yesterday and even in the wild the berries are only half formed, or are not forming at all.. I would love to start watering and I will for a few very select things in the garden, but all my water storage extra are bone dry, we are down to the wells only..

On a personal front, I am currently working on a no wheat, greatly reduced grain diet, I have done the test for my feet on that big machine and gotten insoles for my shoes to help me put my weight correctly down on them, I having added in a few new vit (a different b12 with folate) and I am in the process of a learning curve on figuring out a way to add more idoine into my daily practise, I live inland enough that my land does not have it and history shows that without extra idoine in your diet in this neck of the woods, you can be looking at issues and yet, I am not keen at the moment to be eating from the sea, and have been getting closer to home fresh water fish more so..but that does not help in this way..

I don’t want to add more salt to the diet, I do use salt but don’t believe its enough.. open to thoughts on this one?

I read a interesting article in the online newspaper yesterday, DH spotted it, it was about the fact that rural peaple have poorer health then city folks, even though we are more active in terms of working on the farm etc, there were different reasons given but I am only going to talk about two that I felt applied directly to our own lifestyle.. Lack of enough vehicles, therefor being locked on the farm, this is a interesting one to me, Dh and I have been a one vehicle family most of the time out of our relationship, this didn’t matter much at all in the north, as you can walk pretty much anywhere you want to in yellowknife or Iqaluit.. it was certainly harder to get use to on the farm, but it was just the way it way.. then for one brief 8 months, we had two and I found myself, just popping off to go for coffee or a visit or to do this or that.. It was both a freedom that I had not had in a long time, normally it takes planning to do that.. but it also cost us on the bottom line, running two vehicles, two tanks for gas, two insurance payments add up and fast!

Still I will tell the truth, I found it very freeing and wish we had not done so, as once I had a taste of it, I really missed it when we went back to being a single vehicle family..

The second one of note was that they didn’t feel that folks in the rural area’s had as good of health care, again I found this interesting, I have lived in places were it was in fact hard to get health care, needing to do dental and eye care when you came home, paying for medical care in a different province because it needed be done etc..

But where I live now, I have all the paying for myself health care that I would want, its the paid for health care that I find lacking, I personally feel that compared to alberta, NWT and Nunvut, I current live in a Hospital desert, you need to drive a min of 45 min in any direction from me to get to a hospital, this is the only place in canada that I have ever had to do that.. and after being here for years and years, I still don’t have a doctor, I have a very excellent health nurse only..

If you live in a rural area, do you think you are lacking in your basic health requirements being meet?

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5 Responses to A monday this and that post..

  1. Brenda J. Elliott says:

    Suggestion regarding your iodine intake. SeaSnax is available online or from healthfood stores like Whole Foods. Also consider using Kombu in place of salt pork in cooking. It breaks down and is extremely good for you.



  2. grammomsblog says:

    I live in a rural area and the local, small town hospital is only 15 minutes away. I did go without a family doctor for a few years when our Dr. moved to the city. I found a new Dr. about 25 minutes in the other direction but was glad to have one……
    I do feel that my BASIC health care needs are taken care of with the ‘main stream’ health care system. I’ve had a ‘close’ relationship with the city health care system in the past when my husband had cancer……… always a challenge to navigate.
    I also see a Chiropractor in town, on a regular basis and have felt that she offers me more ‘pro-active’ health care.

  3. I have both lived with one vehicle and with two — as I live only a little less than a mile from my uptown I could walk to a lot of things — but your are right about the freedom — and it is not always walking weather — and you can carry only so much

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Iodised salt? No way! Right up there with hydrogenated oil, modified starch, aspartame and high fructose corn syrup…
    Consulted my friend Karen from Terren’s Wellness on this: “Naka makes a colloidal form if you’re wanting to avoid sea products. But some people use plain (ordinary paint on) iodine, on the inside of the arm where it can absorb through the skin as the body requires – this can take a couple of hours or a whole day.”
    On “health” care… Don’t get sick and stay away from hospitals. Just kidding (sort of): the best offence is a good defence, right? So make your immune system strong and keep it working. For a healthy micro biome, feed your body’s microbiota lots of lactic acid fermented things like yogourt/dill pickles/saur kraut and kim chee (PRObiotics: ) eat lots of fresh out of the garden/dirt scrubbed off on the grass carrots, drink **gasp** raw milk if you can or second best, pasteurised but not homogenised and for heaven’s sake, don’t take antibiotics or use antibiotic soap/scrubs unless absolutely necessary.
    What’s a Microbiome, you say? Find out here:
    http://www.nature.com/nature/focus/humanmicrobiota/index.html. Or for PLoS One specific articles here: http://www.nature.com/nature/focus/humanmicrobiota/index.html#plos
    Or, for just about the entire world of scientific and medical articles see here: http://www.plosone.org/home
    One vehicle family? Couldn’t imagine it – lived in the country almost all of my life and been driving for (oh, this really hurts; ) 38 years. As a kid, we had two vehicles, Mom always made a list (which was organised in order of travel) but we never went to town for just one thing. Still stay on track by using a list.

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