Food Storage Friday Roundup

Joining in the ranks of Canadian Doomer and others like Chile Chews,  and Backyard Farm along with unprocessed real food month with its daily updates on idea’s and thoughts on how to use whole food in your diet, we are eating out of our pantry this month.

Well, I will admit that we didn’t start off so great, on the very first day we had a “gotta fix that now! moment that sent us hitting the road, driving an hour to the nearest home depo and spending four hours going to it, Canadian Tire, and Walmart, we were hungry enough to have chewed old leather and both our blood sugars were crashing, the idea of trying to drive home before eating had us snarling, and in my haste to get the show on the road, I didn’t grab or pack food that fit the challange, lots of water so drinks were not a issue, so it came down to raid the preps in the van (which don’t fit the challange) or grab something to eat, we grabbed a fast and fresh meal. So we will add one more day on the end of the month to make up for our blunder.

As for the rest, to tell the truth its been a easy road so far, I have not had to change anything really, we still have fresh coming in from the garden, including fresh fruit in the form of bowls of Rasberries making their way into the house.

Breakfasts have been porridge, and cranberry with candied Citrus peel Pancakes, along with cake/loaf for DH’s snacks and second breakfasts.

Lunchs have been soups or stews with canned fruits, and homemade bread or baking powder bisquits.

Supper have been varied, some soups, some stews, some meat and mashed veggies, some fresh cabbage salads, Carrot and Cranberry Salad etc

Snacks have been fresh or dried fruit and applesauce

Baking has included, Bread, Baking Powder Biscuits, Lemon Poppy Cake, Rasberry Coconut Cake, Apple Almond Cranberry Cake.

In regards to the rest of the food prep this work, till putting up from the garden, including another batch of tomato products, but the big push as been winter sqaush and pumpkin, for a few of the recipes that I am working on, check out one pumpkin-four recipes. you might also want to check out this older post from last year on how to use a small pumpkin as a fancy serving bowl.

In other news I had been hard at work trying to figure out just how much the farm has produced for us this year so far in regards to value produced on the farm for our own personal use in regards to Fruit, Veggies, Meat, Eggs and Milk, and while we have a little while to go and more to harvest, we are so very close to cracking the ten thousand dollar mark.

I am working on a post on this one, and I am using local prices for if I had to buy in season, and replace what we have grown-raised-harvested.

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4 Responses to Food Storage Friday Roundup

  1. queen of string says:

    I wonder if you can help me out a little. I come from a tradition of only eating apple sauce with roast pork. Reading around the North American blogs and seeing tales of people canning vast quantities of the stuff, I am making an educated guess the roast pork only rule doesnt apply! So, my question is, when is apple sauce eaten round these parts ? 🙂

    • Hi Queen

      Well, Apple Sauce can be eaten on its own as a snack or even as a dessert, it can be mixed with a spoon of other jam and made into flavored apple sauce, or have added spices to it, Lots of folks put a little on their yogurts and like fruit yogurts with a sprinckle of granola on that.

      Its used in all kinds of baking, one of the ways that amount is canned for is long term storage, you can replace a portion of your fats called for in most recipes with a portion of apple sauce, therefor reducing the calories in cakes, muffins, cookies and loafs but increasing fiber and other good things,

      Hope that helps a little, my DH will take a qaurt jar of apple sauce per week to work as a snack, so he certainly can go though a lot in a year.

  2. CallieK says:

    You make it look easy but I know how much work goes into growing and preserving that amount of food! I’m interested in hearing the number you come up with- I’m sure it’s a substantial amount.

  3. dedeo says:

    Hi beauty, my mother use to make apple pie with canned apple puree. she would thicken it with cornstarch and put it in a pie crust with a pie crust on top. mom used cinnamon in the apple sauce also. My brother is still craving Mom’s apple pie.bon appetit dedeo

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