Tested Recipes-Little Red Deer Dorcas Lady’s Group.

I love cookbooks, but I really like small town or old cookbooks, I have a number of new ones from my last trip, and I will review them as time goes on..

This cookbook is its fifth edition by the RD Dorcas lady’s group, and they were done for the 100 year celebration of the group.. One of the reason’s I really like this book is that reflects both time and history in cooking..

“The first collections of recipes in each section had been submitted by homemakes using coal and wood burning stoves. Instructions were very limited  example “bake in a quick oven” which tends to leave today’s cooks with challanges of times and temps. Each subsequent addition has added new favorite recipes popular with the W.I members at the time of each of the five printings. While there may appear to be dulpicates of the same recipe, it happens in name only-each selection is unique.

Fruit cakes were very popular in the first printing, now Pizza and Salsa where the most popular in the last printing. Sour cream was a staple in the first 3rd printings now its yogurt that is the more familiar food. Zucchini was not prevalent in the first printings, has now coming into full force.

These recipes from the first to the last make the contributions in some cases are in the 5th generation of families.”

On the afternoon in oct 1912 the little red deer Dorcas Society meet for the first time, and they appear to been going strong ever since.. I loved their two main poems in this cookbook. Both are listed as Anonymous.

Pioneer Women

  • Grandmother, on a fall Day
  • Milked the cows and fed them hay
  • Slopped the pigs, saddled the mule
  • Got the children off to school
  • Did the washing, Mopped the floors
  • Washed the windows and did some chores
  • Cooked a dish at home, dried Fruit
  • Pressed her husband’s sunday suit
  • Swept the parlor, and make the bed
  • Baked a Dozen Loaves of Bread
  • Split some firewood and lugged in
  • Enough to fill the kitchen bin
  • Cleaned the lamps and put in oil
  • Stewed some apples she thought would spoil
  • Cooked a supper that was delicious
  • fed the cat and warmed the beds
  • Mended a basketful of hose
  • then opened the organ and began to play
  • when you come to the end of a perfect day.

Seeings as I am on a marrow kick these days..

Lemon Marrow Butter

  • 4 lbs of cooked Marrow
  • 3 lbs of sugar
  • 1/2 lb butter
  • Juice and rind of 4 lemons.

Cook the marrow with a very small amount of water, then mash it up and add the sugar, butter and lemons. Mix well, Boil until it becomes fairly smooth and clear. Watch closely as this burns easily. This may be used for pie or cake fillings or as a jam. Mrs. Don Manual.



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2 Responses to Tested Recipes-Little Red Deer Dorcas Lady’s Group.

  1. Gordon Purcell Calgary, AB says:

    I have a Tested Recipes By Little Red Deer Dorcas Society dated 1912 – 1939 that I would like to share if you are interested.

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