Do you curb shop?

Last night I was off the farm for a bit to go have coffee and yummy chocolate Banana muffins and a girls visit, to get there, I take a backroad route and could not help be notice that they had stuff out for their spring cleanups. I even pulled over a bit to look a wooden picnic table with benchs, and had decided that on my way back, I would at min pick up the benchs, they could be used in my greenhouse for shelves, I don’t know why I didn’t load it up right there but I tend to follow my gut on these things.

So I am driving back home in the dark and as I come round a curve, I see a flash of golden wood and a set of four chairs at the curb, this was not there when I drove by four hours earlier, and I turned around and went back.. WOW, it was a set of four oak chairs, solid wood, with fancy turns, and they are in perfect shape, not a mark on them and still glowing from their last polishing, needless to say, they got brought home with me, and I am just thrilled to have a new set of four oak chairs for the dining room table. 

Honestly I am so glad that these got picked up, because it would have been such a shame for them to have gone to the dump. It never fails to amaze me on some of the like new things that can be thrown away, when they have so much work life left in them.

Last week, I was able to pick up a pile of old glass windows that were being given away for free by the road and they will be used for the tops of cold frames for the garden.

Have you found any goodies by the road side this spring? Do you watch for things that are put out?

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4 Responses to Do you curb shop?

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh yeah. I curb shop whever possible. I was especially pleased with the brass bed I picked up a few years ago. Nice, nice find 🙂 I found a big galvanized water trough a couple years ago….initially it was a water feature, now it holds 2-50ft water hoses.

  2. Definitely! It’s one of my favourite new things about coming to Canada :-). Our little pick up often echoes to the sounds of “Free Stuff”, followed by a smart about turn. We got a couple of cords of wood that way too last year. I wrote a post last week about “extra garbage week”, the week where the city will collect 2sq m extra garbage so everyone goes nuts hauling things to the kerb. There is then a second group whose entertainment for the week is trawling around the neighbourhoods who have pick up the next day looking for “stuff”. It was good to see so much of the stuff at the kerb disappearing for new uses and staying out of landfill.

    The one thing I had to sadly leave behind a couple of weeks ago were some great pots which appeared by the entrance to one of the provincial parks where we walk the dogs. On closer examination, the little stubs of plants sticking out could be seen to be cannabis plants :-(. I knew, knowing my luck, that if I picked them up I was bound to get stopped on the way home and have a lot of explaining to do, so we left them be!

  3. My answer, YES..
    I curb shop as well, although that is a new expression for me, normally I call it curb salvage, but I really like your way of putting it.
    Amazing what people will through away too, just simply amazing.
    Take care

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