Wild Winds

Well, yesterday the power went out, and at first the local radio said a few thousand were without power, then a couple hours later it was ten thousand and this morning at 5:30 it was a hundred thousand were without power.

So first on the farm front, the wind really blew, so far, we know that part of the roof got taken off the little red shed, different parts of sheet metal siding are gone from my big barn, and some were found pushing against my sheep fencing. It tipped my big rabbit hutches thankfully at least two of my tie downs held long enough for me to get out in the wind and get it tied back down on all four area’s, it broke one of my big 6 foot high by 20 feet long steel/chainlink panels which meant a sheep breakout, and we have to fix some fence post that got moved around like toothpicks, lots of down branches both big and small but the biggest AHHH was that it flipped my small greenhouse and dozens and dozens of my hertage seedlings were destroyed (attach a whining and pissed voice to that comment), thankfully its early enough to start them all again but I lost alot of money in regards to those seeds and valuble time on restarting the longer length early start plants.

Now normally when we lose power, we just hunker down and hang out on the farm and get on with life, but I keep hearing or reading about things on the net about how other folks react, so I asked DH if we could go to town just to “see” and there is what I learned, folks did’nt remember that no lights mean its a 4 way stop and there was a really bad crash at one of the most busy corners of the town. That folks will pull into dark gas stations and look inside and knock on windows “just in case” A ton of folks were on the road, something that seemed very odd to me as I normally stay home, not go out when we have bad weather. Only the metro and Canadian Tire were open, taking cash only. The Metro was offering no hot or cold/frozen products but you could buy from the rest of the store, and they had been told not to expect power to at least saturday night.

The parking lots was full of those folks buying bread and water?? HUH??

So here is what I learned from my blackout

  • We turned the heat off at the first of April, so no big there.
  • I am grateful once again for the second deep well on a hand pump, no power required
  • I am grateful that we got all the rain barrels set up and they were full
  • So glad I know where all the gear is, and life moves on
  • When there is no hot shower- ah the joy of a hot cup of coffee or tea in the cool mornings can’t be beat.

So folks, did you get pounded by this very nasty storm that ripped though both the states and parts of canada? Let me know if you had any damage in the gardens?

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4 Responses to Wild Winds

  1. Deb W says:

    Hi again JADOTF (may I call you “j dot f” or “j.f” ?) So sorry to hear about your wind damage. That really stinks that you’ve got to restart your plants!
    Because you’re talking about Metro & Crappy Tire I’m guessing that you’re also north of the border like me (but probably more to the east). We managed to weather the storm here without any trouble other than some deadfall, and the house sure was doing a lot of creaking and complaining, but at least we got off lucky compared to all of those poor people down in the States.

    • Most folks call me Farm Gal or F.G. for short, Sounds like you are in ontario as well or at least close by. Thanks for the kinds words about my plants, thankfully its still quite early in the season and we have lots of time to start again for most things.

      I am quite thankful that our damage compared to others was small, I really feel for those down south that had the full brunt of this storm.

  2. My sister lives in Tennessee and sent some photos of the hail they were getting – just bigger than golf balls!

    It pays to be self-sufficient in those instances! I always love when people run out to get bread and milk before big winter storms here. Must be lots of french toast being made during blizzards! (Mmmm, makes me crave my grandmother’s bread pudding!)

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