Cold in the mornings

Well, its that time of the year, the last space heater has been turned of, which means we are back to passive solor heating, extra heat from the stove and good thick blankets and layers in the house..  We won’t have any heat on in the house from now till around Oct, which is not to say we don’t have access to being able to heat but raither that we choose to not use it.

Was out doing chores this morning, and the ground is frozen, but more then top layer then under, there is lovely ice coverings to all the water that needed to be cracked open, and my breath was visable in the air

When do you turn off the heat in your house? Do you turn the heat off?

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4 Responses to Cold in the mornings

  1. queen of string says:

    We mostly heat with wood, but must admit to having the furnace give a little extra boost first thing. The dogs get us up about 7am, and I must admit it’s still a bit chilly around that time for me. No ice though! We are lucky that our main room faces south so we get lots of passive heat if the sun shines. It’s not time for us to switch off the timer on the furnace yet,( it does have a thermostat, so it’s on less as it’s starting from a warmer overnight temp) but we have noticed we are not needing a fire every day now, so it wont be too long. I will admit to a belief that being cold in your own house always seems like depriving myself and I will choose to spend some effort and/or money to be warm.

    • Thanks for the comment, and that is how my mom feels, that for as long as possable, she wants her heat in the winter and cool in the summer. There are times were I do think I would perfer a bit more heat, but I remind myself its my choice and move on.

  2. Lake Lili says:

    Well the ice is still in the lake (although there is a patch of blue water there now) and we still have some snow on the ground, day time temp is between 0 and +5, so my guess is it will be another 2 weeks before the heat goes off upstairs in the kitchen. We usually wait until the daytime temp is +10 before we turn off the heat upstairs. It seems to be the point at which people stop closing the back door when they run out. We usually wait until the second week in May to move out of the basement and into the summer bedrooms upstairs – at that point we also turn the water back on to the upstairs bathroom… Sring and Fall require the logistics of a military operation…

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