March 17th-Organ and Variety Meats

                                                                  I adore my homemade rabbit pate.
By which I mean the edible internal parts, like Liver, Kidneys as well as head, tail and feet.. Here are few basics when working with different parts.

Liver: This is one of the more popular variety meats, always really look at the livers themselves, you want it to look fresh, clean looking with little or no smell. You can make it into pate, but I think most of us know it best as fried liver, which if done right and topped with fried onions a touch of bacon and a bit of gravy is just heavenly. The thing to remember is to NOT over cook it, it should be cooked though but still soft and tender.

Kidneys: They are often broiled or they may be sauteed and served with a sauce, Most likely the most famous dish I am aware of would be Steak and Kidney Pie. I have to own that I don’t use Kidneys myself, I use all my critters Kidneys for my hounds food.

Hearts : Now they can be used in almost any way that any other tough muscle meat can be used, remember to cook it slow, long and moist and you will do just fine. For me one of the best ways to serve heart is stuffed, slow long roasted and then sliced with a bit of dark gravy.

Chitterlings: These are the small intestines of a young pig, they can be stewed, or braised or they can be simmered till tender and then sauteed in butter or deep fried, I personally think if you have access to these, it would be a waste to use them for the above, I would use them for making fresh homemade sauasage casings instead.

Oxtail or tail: This makes wonderful hearty dishes, its typically braised or simmered fora good rich tasting soup. A good qaulity oxtail has a equal amount of meat and bone which works so well for stew or soup.

Hocks: these are full of natural gelatin and are often used to help make aspics or dishes were you want them to set to a jelly.

Head or Jowl: has a surprising amount of meat on them, and can be used to make head cheese or as I found out for pig, a wonderful version of bacon.

Gizzard: Birds only, but well worth the time to clean out, and dice into tiny pieces for use in different dishes, I like it roasted or diced and added to stuffing personally.

Breakfast: Leftover Fritta with greens, with Tea
Lunch: Pasties, with canned peaches.
Supper-Chicken Leg/Thigh with Pasta, onion, with Homegrown Broccoli
Drinks-Water, Tea, pinapple Juice
Extra’s.- Popcorn, Raison Pie

So you use organ or variety meats in your cooking? Do you use them help make bone broths? Do you make your own pate? What is your favorite Variety meat and how to do you serve it?

Ps, Wanted to let you know that we felt the little quake that happened yesterday afternoon centered about two hours away, it rattled pictures, and we felt the rumble come up though the ground, the four footed critters all reacted to it but are slowly settling back down. Lasted maybe ten seconds, compared to so many that have happened lately, I know its nothing much but still felt like sharing.

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3 Responses to March 17th-Organ and Variety Meats

  1. DEE says:

    Inards are dog food. Ugh. Which is odd as I like liverwurst ! I have tried to do stuff with all the parts. Really I have.Made head cheese for German BIL Didn’t like it but he did. Gave one hog head to a Mexican co-worker who made delicious tamales…we usually give the head to our Great Dane who carries if off like the greatest of prizes! Do use the tail,tongue, pork hocks but no liver,kidneys,brains,gizzards for me! DEE who thinks she will try bone broth in her pressure cooker when our cow goes to the butcher this fall. Even our local “butcher” doesn’t have bones…he gets all his meat boxed.

    • Dee,
      Head cheese is a like it or not in my mind, I personally can’t find a way to learn to like tongue, and like you, I have tried.. I know just what you mean about the hounds thinking that certain body parts are prizes indeed.

      What do you use your tongue with and how do you make it? I do in fact like brain when it prepared right but you can only get it now if you self-butcher, the province I am in, will not let you have any of the bigger critters back.

      Enjoy that bone broth, it will be amazing, just remember to roast them off first if you want a nice deep dark brown broth.

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