Boxing Day Sales

The Boys are crazy good at telling me if anything comes on the farm.. so when they have access to the front pasture, this pose tells the watch dogs to alert, it also tells me something is happening by or on the farm and I should go have a peek. 

So its boxing day and that means sales.. 24 wild horses would not drag me off the farm and into stores but thankfully do to modern magic, you can sit at home, track and get notice when what you are watching for goes on sale.. 

We are upgrading our camera’s..  we have used hunting trail camera’s on the farm for years and they will continue to stay employed.. they are hidden and mobile and I love that I can shift them around based on needs..  I have a number of them..  highly recommend..  they are for more then hunting.. 

But its time to upgrade to more active ones.. one of the things that has held me back from a number of systems is that they are all shipped to the cloud, which means everyone along the way, in storage and so on has access to them..  This makes no sense to me.. I mean its fine if you live in the city and you have a porch camera on a street that already has street camera’s.. its just part of your life.. 

However where I live in the rural,  I have been waiting for 5 plus years for a update on the google view above and there is still no street view available on my place lol.. 

Having said that I want to have more access and I do want alerts to the phone.. and I found the system I want.. the hub can run up to 10 camera’s but you have a choice.. push the button and it punches it to the cloud, push that button off and plug in a big old usb and you can have it all sent and kept in house.. 

this is mass for our data use and trust me with hubby working from home, me working from home on my side gig also using data, the last thing we need is a data sucking hog of a set of cameras.. 

Which brings me to the second feature of the camera’s I like.. the programs allow you to set and turn off grey zones and to put it into low mode..  so while I will be setting up a number of them, I can when we are home, turn all but one off, again saving on data, where if we are working in the back barn, I can flip on the notices to my phone and get notice if anyone pulls in.. 

Same if for some reason we are leaving for a short time, I can turn them all on and flip on the cloud as well, so that no one can break in and take the in house gear, because I will have all the info on the net etc..  it also means I can then check on them on my phone while I am out traveling and or get notice 

I honestly think it might be total overkill but I like that I will have the ability to add extra’s on the system like on the geodome or in the gardens or ?  So that’s my boxing Day buy winging its way to the farm in very short order..  

Ps, please do not ask me for the system name or model or make etc.. because i am not going to put that here on the post lol 

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4 Responses to Boxing Day Sales

  1. Silver says:

    A very sensible investment Val, given your previous posts about ‘visitors’ on the farm….

  2. valbjerke says:

    Very smart to put in that system. I’m looking for one that simply tags my phone when someone is at the gate. I don’t have wifi out here. Would just like to Bluetooth to my phone.

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