Ask.. so Simple.. So hard to do

Some times one of the hardest things to do in our world is to see what and where we need to ask.

Ask for information

Ask for help

Ask for support

Ask for ourselves

Ask for others

Sometimes we look forward and we see where we are and then we see the huge distance between where at and where we want to go..  (in the photo above that was taken with me on a hill looking down the valley/river I had hiked and way across on the ridge you can just see the housing..  Loved the landscape up in Nunavut Canada.. It was barren but beautiful..


Sometimes in life, we feel we are looking across that void of where we are compared to where we need to go and it can certainly have its challenges..   Up, down, Around, weaving back and forth, sometimes losing sight of where you need to end up.. when you are down in the valley, you can’t even see the end goal at times..

needing to forge across that river, that o so cold, chill you to the bone river..  That water will stop you breathless if you fall in and its moving fast, pushing and pulling.. but there is a way across, you just need to find the right spot to cross.. you need to use that is given to you.. find the rocks and balance carefully and choose to jump when you need to..

Some times you get given a break, a gift of a space to breath.. to rest and recover..  a moment where life looks back at you, looks you in the eye and everything just holds..

The more you hold on to that moment, the faster it will slip away from you.. that I promise you.. you need to hold those moments in a gentle way, a soft way, let them flow.. they are not to be held tight.. they must be enjoyed in the moment..

Everything is so much easier if you can ask for help, ask for advice, ask for guidance..

Sometimes that comes from other people, sometimes that comes from the land itself. Sometimes that comes from deep within you!

Breath Deep..

Be open..


See where it leads you




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6 Responses to Ask.. so Simple.. So hard to do

  1. Silver says:

    It can be one of the hardest things to do – sometimes you avoid it, fearing what the answer will be.
    I also like from time to time to look back. yes the path may have been hard but if you look back, you can see how far you’ve come. ❤

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you. That’s is beautiful. As are the photos. ❤️

  3. Nicola says:

    I love your rich metaphors, and am so shit at asking for help! Stopping, when one of the reasons you are going so fast is to get away from something ( a thought, a feellng, dealing with something) can be terrifying, too, but nontheless essential for remaining sane!

    • Thank you Nicola.. I am poorly at it myself.. but I keep trying.. That is a good point though, sometimes we are moving fast when we need to slow down because we are running away from dealing with something.. It rarely works without other things making us pay.. but we can put certain things off that’s for sure..

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