46 years is in the rearview.. 47 is in front of me!

Yesterday was my birthday..  I asked for and got the birthday present I asked for.. I asked for Jason to take the day off work and spend the day with me on the farm.  I also got a big fuzzy warm blanket.. Perfect!

Supper was homemade Chinese.. fresh veggies and home grown chicken in a touch of sauce.. It was lovely! Not fancy, not rich.. just right

I am going to copy what I wrote on my personal facebook yesterday.. I can’t say it better today then I did there..

“Today I turn 47.. My 46 year was truly a bitter-sweet year.. illness, injury, unexpected joy and deepest sorrow. Jason Sharp has been with me though it all.. I raise my glass and my heart to you dear! I am so grateful to have you in my life.. Beyond words..

There has been the unexpected in making new friendships that I hope to enjoy for many years to come.. There has been a deeping of friendships for which I am grateful for from folks both near and far.. Hugs!

There have been so many amazing moments, There have been firsts, first meetings, and there have been renewals.. all of which hold a special place in my heart.
there is a renewed sense of closeness with family and dear friends.. this is a OUTSTANDING BLESSING!

I am happy that 46 is in past and that 47 is wide open waiting.. I don’t know what it will bring.. Each day is new again.. Each day a blank page waiting to be written, to be filled, to be felt..

To be Lived!”


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12 Responses to 46 years is in the rearview.. 47 is in front of me!

  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope the coming year is filled with nothing but happiness.

  2. Awww…so sweet. Happy birthday.

  3. mariazannini says:

    Happy birthday, sweetie!

  4. Cricket says:

    Happy, happy belated birthday to you! Bravo for your positive expectations of the coming year! It sounds like you are lined up to have days full of wonder, joy, and love and my wish for you is that they are all that.

  5. Wendy says:

    Gefeliciteerd from the Netherlands, alltough too late. Hope it will be a wonderfull year ful of good health and hapiness for you and all your loved ones (well maybe even the whole world ;-).

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! I am glad you spent it in such a wonderful way!

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