Peel a watermelon LOL

I hate waste, so when I saw a video of peeling a watermelon and saving the white rind for other uses.. in the video they saved the white part of the rind to blend into their morning fruit smoothie for fiber and other good things.

I peeled half the water melon and ground up the white peeled part to make a tiny lemon bits for baking.. this was not a recipe per say but portions.. I took the white pith, coarsely chopped it, then hit it in the food processor and then measured it out and put water, sugar and lemon juice and cooked it till clear.

I could have drained it, using the juice for a drink and then dried the candied fruit bit’s or I could put it into a clean jar, let it cool and seal and pop it into the fridge and use it up over the next 6 weeks..

The other half I cut into sections and peeled the sections and make a fast batch of cinnamon and clove watermelon rind pickles.. yum!

What little odd thing have you made lately to help reduce your food waste footprint ?

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2 Responses to Peel a watermelon LOL

  1. Waste not, want not! I’ve heard that pickles made from watermelon rinds are quite good. I haven’t tried them yet but given the cost of a small watermelon in my neck of the woods ($7.00) I wouldn’t waste any of it either.

    • Morning Crafty.. Hubby came home with this one.. it is paler but its very sweet.. it was a loss leader at 2 dollars in the big huge bin they had brought in.. they had a great loss leader on fresh local corn at 12 for 1.50 but they were totally sold out of course.. So the price was good on this one.. but none the less.. While I know that the chickens would have snapped up all the white.. they have lots of garden bits and bobs and the pickles are good.

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