Dogwood 52 Photography 2019 – Week 4

Week 4 was a great challenge for me, I refused to have the basic idea of a hot cup of coffee, or feet by the fire.

The goal was to “tell a story that made you feel warmth”  Considering our weather, this made things quite difficult in a number of ways!  I finally snapped this amazing photo of my boy’s loving on each other in the afternoon sunshine (it was only -16)

This was my backup..  As anyone in my local area knows that as the sun comes out and the days get longer, the Asian’s start waking up.. this was the first one I have seen so far.



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4 Responses to Dogwood 52 Photography 2019 – Week 4

  1. You have a couple of good looking boys!
    I hear on the news that you are really getting blasted by winter over there. Stay warm.

    • Thanks, my handsome guys.. I only have girl puppy’s at the moment so the team of boys helps even out a bit on the farm lol. I just love the temperament on a gelding.. I had made such to put Gelding on my list but I still feel in love with Brandy Girl but I would just shake my head when she was a snot-faced brat in heat.. and remind myself.. WHY.. WHY VAL, you knew better.. trust me.. geldings all the way! LOL

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