What a find!

Last week my girlfriend said to me.. Got a hour? Lets head to church Basement (one of our local second hand shops) she was on the hunt for some working pants and a few other things on her list.

To be honest, I was not on the hunt for anything but I had my change purse and gave myself a limit of 5 dollars max and went with a smile on my face. Girlfriend time is important, that drive to town and back is when many fun, silly and or important things can get talked about.

I walked into the kitchen section (it’s own little narrow room, think a galley, shelves on both sides and at the end, with just enough room for two people across and to tell the truth, its one of my favorite places in the store but I am at that point of.. if I add it in, I need to remove something at the same time, unless its something on my wish list.

I spotted it on the floor, it had been pushed under the bottom shelf and was next to the wicker baskets. I blinked and picked it up and read the top and then flipped it over to read the bottom and into my arms it went.  LOL

As I set it down at the till I held my breath because I was not sure it would be under my five dollar self-given limit and I was trying hard to figure out what my limit would be if I need to raise it. I was pretty sure I had a good idea of what it was worth new (which is why I don’t own one, because  a new one is out my price range when I can use my cast iron that I already own 🙂

I tried to keep a smile on my face, when she said.. no tag on this one and I said nope.. I knew this because I had looked for one as well.. She said two dollars and I tried not to let to much of my “WHOOOOTTTT!” come out. Instead I said Thank you so much, you have made my day. I am really looking forward to using it.. and that it had been clearly well loved in its life..

The large version of a Romertoff Clay cooker! I am looking forward to learning how to use this pot for bread making, for cooking the tougher cuts of meat.

So any readers on the blog have one of these? Got any helpful hints? What is your favorite way to use it? How did you get yours?

Or on the flip side.. what is your best find in the past few weeks at the local garage sale or second hand shop or farm sale?

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13 Responses to What a find!

  1. homeandharrow says:

    Oh wow! What an awesome find!

  2. Margy says:

    I love going to the several thrift stores in town. I’ve found lots of things on my “list” but the best one I happened upon was a $5 stainless steel food mill that looked brand new. Since them my canning has been a whole lot easier, especially things like tomato sauce. – Margy

    • O that was a great find and I believe that it makes things easier.. Its wonderful to find those special things. I often find that the older versions are also better built to last with regular or large amounts of use then many of the more modern versions

  3. mariazannini says:

    Congrats on the great find! I love when that happens.
    I’m a long time garage sale hound so I’ve had some great finds over the years. Last week I picked up a vintage pickling crock for a dollar. Most of my house has been decorated from garage sale finds too, from antique desks to statuary.

    • I hear you on that.. When we moved to the farm from the artic, you travel very light indeed, we were able to gift our main household stuff to the women’s shelter and furnish two apartments for them, It did mean that we needed to do our home now over and almost everything has come from farm sales, or the second hand shop or gifts from others. Great find on the pickling crock, we would never find them for that hear, the “cottage” country weekend camp folks want them and so they go for a pretty penny, often the older ones will sell for more then the new are worth

  4. Mary says:

    I have one! Got it years and years ago at a Pampered Chef party. Mostly I use it to roast whole chickens. Comes out moist, fall off the bone tender, flavorful, nicely browned and a ton of juice for gravy with lots left over for soup or whatever. Never tried bread in it but that will be a project to try as soon as it cools off enough here to have the oven on! I have a beef roast and a pork roast in the freezer waiting for cool weather to put in it too. What a great find! You will love it!

    • I will for sure try a chicken and some roasts in it. thanks for the feedback Mary. I only had a high of 28c today and with a light breeze, that is the best we have had in a good long while and its been delightful.. still warm per say but nothing like we have been having.

  5. valbjerke says:

    I took a visiting friend to the annual antique fair years ago – I’d always wanted to go so now had an excuse 😊. I am a cast iron fiend – unbelievably I found an antique cast iron waffle maker and stand that was specifically designed to use on a wood cook stove (which is all I have). Paid more than I should have – not sorry I bought it.

  6. Widdershins says:

    Had to do a bit of a google search for what a Romertoff Clay cooker does … what a find! 🙂

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