Dandelion Flower Fritter Balls Recipe

Just another Day on the Farm

Ok so Dh had a busy morning, it had started to rain, I had made the bread, another batch of nettle tea, had the lilacs in their jars or in the drying trays, same with the spruce tips, and hoping the rain would be enough that we would not need to water in the newly planted rows and Dh decided it was a nap time.

So I snuck over to Farmer T’s for an hour and on the way home, could not help but notice and admire the awesome perfect Dandelion flowers on the way home, somehow a dozen the biggest and most perfect were picked and brought home with me..

2012-12-24 238 (500x375)

Soon the kitchen and our tummies were enjoying the yummy taste of little bitty fritters..

2012-12-24 241 (500x375)

This recipe is so easy, that I am not sure it should be called a recipe, and in order to make it the way…

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