This and That Post

I have tried to write a number of blog posts but it would appear until I write out something that my head is mulling it will not happen.  So Be It!

Skip this post if you ware looking for a homestead post today.. I will be back to homesteading stuff tomorrow 🙂

I think most of you have heard about the sad events that happened Toronto in regards to the person that took a van and turned it into a weapon and killed 10 and very badly hurt another 14.  It lead to me learning about this sub-culture  I am not going to talk about it, I don’t know enough to do so and I do not want a google search to ever pull my blog up related to it in the future.. so please use the link provided if you want to learn more.

What I do want to talk about it that it was an eye-opening moment for and it made me humble.  You see my hubby and I have been together for a long time, we meet online in 1999. My hubby is a truly awesome guy but he can be very quiet, he is very private, it will take you years to truly get to know him.

He belongs to board online that he regular interacts with, he was a board gamer and had a small group of guys that came over to his apartment to game. We have played live roll player D&D games since we got together. We have been gaming with Mr M and Miss N since Iqaluit in 2000.

One of the things he has done for years now is talk to younger (teen) or twenty year old boy’s or men on this board in regards to dating, or even just saying hi to girls or given dating advice. He is one of the longer term happily married men on the board that interacts in this way and is willing to give a helping voice.

I have a times been asked questions by him as a outside female voice in regards to this or that that has been asked.. I have smiled softly a number of times and though “that’s sweet” or ok..

I remember laughing quietly when he explained that when its hard to find things to talk about with your gal, that is always a good idea to read the paper every day and pick out one thing you find interesting and one to three things that you think she might find interesting and when you have no real idea what to say, bring this up and ask what she thinks about this or that. The reason I chuckled is because my man does do this very thing.. has for years and I had no idea that he used it as a way to provide my need to connect after a day apart in a way to talk and connect without me doing a deeper.. SO TELL ME ABOUT your day!

So its just been something he does but yesterday when I learned about this sub-culture that feels so angry towards women. I stopped dead in my tracks and went to the room my husband was in and said, stand up.. and I hugged him.. hard!

I hugged him and I said THANK YOU.. thank you for all those times you encouraged those younger men on how to meet a girl, how to say hi, what you could do on the first date or how to talk to her in a positive way, how to interact in a positive way in learning about her.

Its like I said to him, perhaps.. just perhaps the kindness and sharing that he has done in this way for YEARS! means that those young men grew in positive way instead of moving into those deeper negative sub-culture circles.

So today I am sorry you are not getting a “homesteading” post, but instead I lift a glass to my husband and all the other men that step up and help those that are struggling on these issues that there is way to deal with this in a positive way, a healthy way.

Thank you Dear Hubby! Thank you!


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6 Responses to This and That Post

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s a horrifying incident, and I’m glad that you were able to pull some gratitude out of it.

    I also learned from your post that we share another interest. 🙂 I’m a D&D player too. Game on!

  2. Widdershins says:

    I join you in thanking all the good honourable men out there. 🙂

  3. Kim A Campbell says:

    Hi Farmgal, I always read your blog, but I don’t usually comment. I felt compelled today, to say thank you to your husband for trying to help other guys, especially those who might not know how to connect or CT around wonen. It made me sick to my stomach to discover that there was an actual group of people out there, who feel isolated but also justified in what they think is some twisted “revenge” for their own feeling of inadequacy. Thankfully there are guys like your husband to counter that :). He definitely deserved that hug!

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