Pantry Challange 2018 Day 12 Pie

Pie might seem like a odd thing on the pantry challenge but there is a reason that pies were so popular back in the day, its a way to take flour, fat, water and salt and turn it into a crust that can be used to hold pretty much anything.. its also easy enough to make a hand held pie.. This can of course be done with bread dough as well..

Its quite amazing how you can take bits of this or that, make a sauce and wrap it in dough and you have a meal.  While in a ideal world you have lots of potato’s and such in the cold pantry, the truth is that at this time of the year, its getting lower and its also starting to sprout (or at least mine and what appears to be every gardener in my next of the woods that I am friends with on facebook)

I have a number of little pullets that have started laying most of them are laying the off cream eggs that show their Salmon Faverolle or Icelandic background but two appear to have a bit of americain in them as they are laying light green eggs.

I might need to encourage a few more brown egg layers in the flock in this coming season, it would appear that the youngest clutch all came from brown eggs so any pullets from it will be brown or green egg layers. The pullet eggs have so much yolk and so little white yet and they are just so cute!

It was the day of pii this week and while I might be a bit late, I did get one made in its honor..

Eggs to Date -74


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