C5 Presents- The Ultimate Cargo Bike- Redux – The Shareable Version

I do enjoy the ramblings of C5 but I also will admit that I was grateful that he offered a cleaned up version of this post, so I could share it with my readers. I know that it might not seem in place until you think about the fact we run this farm on human or animal power.. no tractor.. no quad, etc.. other then the odd time I have hired powered help, we even hand dug the fence post etc.

So I am the queen of figuring out how to haul X to y.. we have buckets, we have skids, we have sleds, we have wheel barrels and so forth..  I am breath a huge sigh of relief when I can run a hose to fill buckets or horse trough’s because yes, we really are hauling and filling them by five gallon buckets in the winter..

I have been enjoying seeing things though his “fresh” eyes in his host country for the year. If you brave the sometimes eye popping “did he really just write that” without ending in a shake of my head or starting to laugh when I get to the end of it..

So enjoy this look at how they are “making” due and have created a interesting cart with wheels.


This is the Highly edited version…with my more challenging, foul mouthed, punk rock prepper personality scrubbed out of it. I have done this one time and one time only. This is to make the information more easily shareable to the masses. Dont get used to it.)
 What we will be talking about is the South American Bike Truck, simply referred to down here as “The Trike

Source: C5 Presents- The Ultimate Cargo Bike- Redux – The Shareable Version

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4 Responses to C5 Presents- The Ultimate Cargo Bike- Redux – The Shareable Version

  1. Sawbuck57 says:

    Always a pleasure to meet another C5 fan. He does got off track from time to time and tears out a lot of guardrail, doesn’t he? Entertaining, but definitely not for a family audience!

  2. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful rabbit hole his blog is. 🙂 … thanks for the link. 😀

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