I can jump.. o yes I can..

Up, UP and over..

I had just settled into my warm bed for a afternoon movie, with my hounds all sighing and settling down around me when hubby called.. come quick.. Bojangles is out of the pasture..

The snow told the tale, he had jumped my sheep fencing, it has a top line but in the winter we don’t normally keep it hot..

Now the great news is that Caleb stayed behind the fence, and Bo didn’t go far,  he just explored our unfenced food forest and when he came out on the other side at the big hay field, he had a good leg stretch but as soon as he heard and seen Jason, he came right back to say hello.

I am so pleased that our bonding has been going well enough that he came running to be caught and get his halter on..

I am blessed enough that we have a nice stall in the big barn that is safely tucked in and I expect that as long as I am around on turnout, that he will stay in our pastures while we work on plan a, b, and c

I am happy to hear from someone that used to know him well that they had hot lines and that he respects them.. I normally only use one in the warmer months.. and when we fenced the farm, we fenced for sheep.. not horses.

Having said that, Bo is the first horse I have had on the farm that has hopped the fence.. lol

“I knew a man Bojangles and he’d dance for you in worn out shoes
Silver hair, ragged shirt and baggy pants, that old soft shoe
He’d jump so high, he’d jump so high, then he lightly touch down?
Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance.”

So we are in “Eval” mode.. Bojangles and Caleb are in the big barn.. and we are heading out after supper to the local hardware place for a couple hundred dollars worth of things that will go along way to getting us though the winter months without a repeat.

I am very grateful that Bo showed that he could and would do this today.. While we were home 🙂 to deal with it quickly and all ended well, the weather outside is snow, more snow  and more snow, the roads are bad.. so we canceled a visit out with good friends..

but it got me to thinking about “fences” Brandy and Caleb would no more come over a fence then fly to the moon and back..  I have seen the snow drift so high that they could have taken a big old draft step over the fence and they would stand on the other side waiting..

Bo on the other hand, certainly could not step over the fence, he jumped it, and from what I could tell by the snow trail, he did it nicely! He didn’t see the fence, he just saw where he wanted to go and made it happen..

My job now is to make sure.. he can’t do it again.. Challenge on.. Challenge on!

The Perk as I see it.. I will need 15 to 20 more min a day in a work out.. as I will need to clean out stalls and haul more to the barn etc.  This will be very good for my waist line..

I am coming out of Christmas not to bad, three to five pounds heavier for the month, not what I was hoping for, I just wanted to stay level.. but I am back on the lose it wagon and I am sure that extra time working in the barn will help get that done, and the perk is that most of it can be done in the barn itself so at least I am out of the wind etc.

I am sure that the extra time with both horses will be a good thing..

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5 Responses to I can jump.. o yes I can..

  1. Widdershins says:

    I guess he just wanted to prove he could do it! 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Maybe Bojangles is, or should I now say was, secretly training for a horse jumping event. All kidding aside, I’ve had a few sheep over the past 30 years that didn’t respect fences (3 strands of hot wire). Once I’ll put up with but twice or more becomes a ticket off the farm. It’s hard to break them of the habit and I don’t want others in the flock following along. I’ve also been the recipient of beef and horses on the lam from neighboring farms. Took me hours to repair fences once they were rounded up and taken home. I don’t want my sheep to create work for someone else.

    • Morning Karen, you are correct, I have had three problem sheep, a ram that was elertic net trained that would not learn to respect my woven sheep fence, he stayed just long enough to breed an then was butchered for the hounds, I had a ewe that came as a adult that was a fence breaker and flock walk about her, she was butchered faster then you can say.. nope.. but I also had a female ewe that was more, if I see a chance, she was very successfully retrained and was with me for eight years and lived to 11 as a sheep.

      As for Bo, I am making very sure that he does not yet the chance for it to become a habit, and I have heard from old owner they use hot line an that he is very respectful of it, so that comes back on me.. I will need to do a hot line for him and do it at “proper” horse height.

      Will be honest, if I need to do so, I will re-fence my one acre pasture tight as a drum for the two boys.

      I hear you on the visiting horse herds that have come to my own farm an the garden damage that can happen, thankfully.. no herds of cows near me.. now had pigs get out an come visiting, that was a mess an a half.

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