No Squash for you!

Well, Its not really true, I will get a limited amount of squash this year,  just like in 2012, the hugelbed pumpkins are growing like a house of fire and they are a heritage French pie storage type.. so we will have a good amount to put up..  I grew a version of them last year.. Only a 50 Percent loss from what I should have.


and we have a few plants tucked in here and there that are slowly thiving and they have flowered and produced fruit, now the question is, will they be able to push that fruit in growth enough to reach even the first stage, I do not need them to have a full rind, I can take them in and process them into canning or drying for future use.. but that means I lose the ability to save seed from them..

I will have to buy to replace them, but that is fine.. it not idea an I do have a number of squash seeds collected from 2015 that can be used but a few of the more rare ones, where new and they were all started out this year..

However my two biggest main stays, that being the first eating of the acorn squash, not a one survived that I am aware of, and for my butternuts, well I do have a few but its going to be just that.. a few at best.. at least a 90 percent loss from what is expected.


I was reminded of a good lesson this year.. again.. what will work on a wet year is different then what works on a average year vs what works on a dry year..

I need to work on creating a deeper  dug garden that is created to help hold moisture, I need to create more swells in the gardens, I do have that in many of the gardens but I am using a raised bed with a swell walk way, and I am going to create at least one area that is a in ground bed with just at slight raise (four to six inches) with the depressed swell walk ways.

And for the second one.. I need a green house! yup.. really its on the list, its been on the list for years but I need a greenhouse..  I think it would make a huge difference to extend the seasons even more so then I already do.

So the staple crops that are doing ok, the corn is about half the size but its there , the potato crop is looking good, but lots of very small spuds at the moment, hopefully they will keep growing over the next weeks, the tomato are loaded but splitting.. the beets are good, the climber beans are doing ok, the rest.. well the rest.. not so much!

Squash is normally more then just a staple crop for me, it normally feeds us for months but it also helps feed my livestock.. not this year.. What we get will used for us humans.. the livestock will need to make do with corn stalks, and a crazy amount of pig weed..

That is my best “green” seed crop of the year.. good things young tender flesh pigweed is a delightful crop, because its going to be my regular green for the winter for both us and the livestock.

We did get rain this past week, once on the weekend, and once during the week, both were so very needed.. both will go along way to helping everything, my brown pasture greened back up.. things that were so droopy, picked back up and the rain collection systems filled and then overflowed!

Such a good thing for my heating up and composting of my piles.. they have been so dry this year, not much as been happening in them.. this will be a very good thing indeed.

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5 Responses to No Squash for you!

  1. judy says:

    We’ve grown the French pumpkins also but can’t remember right now what the name was but made the BEST soup ever!! Cans & freezes very well. Your pie looks so yummy!
    Our garden is there but produce is slow. Our area went from a DRY cool spring to a rainy cool summer so anything that needs lots of heat are not happening this season. Sad to say that was every watermelon we planted….what a heartbreak! LOL

    Made meat pies, zucchini bread & pickled carrots today.

  2. valbjerke says:

    How do you save your pigweed?
    Your gardening year sounds similar to mine – bumper crops of some things, not great for others. 😊

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