Summer Sausage


When folks think sausage, they tend to think small but it does not need to be that way, with the heat, sometimes have cold cooked meat for sandwiches or cold plates is awesome. however that means cooking roasts and slicing them thin..

or does it? i highly recommend keeping a bag or two of these handy big sausage bags in the house, they need to be pre-soaked before use. then you can stuff them, the great thing is these ones you can do by hand.


Ground meat is still the cheapest to buy, can be all one kind, can be mixed, add your spices and stuff them full!  you can use a cake pan or any roast but in my case, i was gifted a fish roasting pan, it rarely sees fish but it fits two rolls perfectly, and i put the water to steam in the bottom under the tray that holds the rolls


And into a low oven they go till cooked though, afterwards if i had wanted i could have put some smoke on them or you could put them in a hot smoker


Now, i have one pork and one beef pre-cooked and seasoned roll in the fridge, can be sliced and fried at breakfast, sliced cold for cold plates, can be grabbed with a pickle for a snack or can be sliced for sandwiches or to go on homemade pizza

i will need to pick up extra supplies soon for my fall butchering!

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8 Responses to Summer Sausage

  1. Mary Ehlert says:

    Do you have a recipes for the seasoning for the sausage? Also, what size casing bag did you use? How long will they keep in the refrigerator? Can they be frozen?

    • Hi Mary

      I used premade seasonings from bulk barn and I watch and sometimes I can find blends on sale at Christmas, its the ones that will hold three pounds but you can buy bigger up to ten pounds, but I would not recommend smaller to hand stuff. they keep up to 2 weeks but I have never needed to go longer

      as they are cooked, there is no reason they can not be refrozen

  2. OMG this post just boosted my confidence in making summer sausages. I love them dearly and they sell them so expensive around here, I am going to look for big casings and spices right away! And thank you for the reply to the previous reader, as those were going to be my questions too 😉

  3. judy says:

    Finally got the computer back from repairs so REALLY have enjoyed cacthing up with your writings!
    You’ve been sooo busy & everything looks great!

    Your sausage sounds great & something that would suit us! Where do you buy your casing bags from please? Company Coming’s Preserve book has some ideas about doing up sausages too. Always wanted to give it ago so you’ve kick me in the butt to jump on board.

    Have you ever put cheese into your meat? I’m think like cheese smokies?
    Thanks for sharing

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