Duck Breast- Prosciutto

 I have been making this lovely salt cured meat now for a number of years and I have to admit that I am starting to crave the idea of having this in the house, I instead to do a light apple wood smoke on it.

cured duck breast

I only use my big meat duck breast for this, I let them rest and dry cure them with salt and spices per weight, While you could do it without pink Salt and you could do a wet cure if you wanted..  I have tried them all three ways and for this, I really like a dry salt cure, I have had the unsmoked (and they are good) and I have had them smoked (outstanding)

I went into the fall with a clutch of ducklings to grow out and I currently have some big fat extra drakes that are in need of processing. I will look forward to having some fresh meat in the house for some dishes but I am planning on making at least four to six breast into my Duck Prosciutto.


By then, I should have fresh sheep milk, and I am drooling at the idea of it thinly sliced with fresh farmers Sheep cheese on Dill Bread, with homemade mustard..

hmmm.. what are you dreaming of making and having in your menu plans soon?


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8 Responses to Duck Breast- Prosciutto

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow FG, that sandwich you just described has me standing here and literally drooling… OMG, WOW!!!

  2. judy says:

    I agree…….YUMMY!!!!!!!!

    What kind of ducks do you rasie? Have frozen home raised ducks but nothing that size!
    Any chance of step by step instructions please???

    • muscovy ducks all the way, quiet, gentle the males are huge, females smaller, amazing mothers, an a very different taste to them compared to other ducks, they are a duck but from a different gene line, they can breed with mallard line ducks but the produce mule unfertile offspring

      and that sounds like a grand idea on the step by step instructions 🙂

  3. rfmarion1 says:

    Yum! would love step by step instructions!! We have a few muscovy drakes that would make great prosciutto!

  4. judy says:

    We love muscouvy ducks! Raised them a few times but missed getting some last year so on the list for this spring! I laugh every time over their marches…..too silly! I agree perfect mammas! I use their eggs in baking or breakfast dishes. Pretty rich though.
    Looking forward to your instructions!!!!!

    If not too bothersome….your homemade mustard recipe would be great too! Thanks!

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