Happy New Year 2016


While I understand that this saying is meant to be about life in general, I love it for the blog. I know that I have never been able to write every single day on the blog, it comes and goes at times, sometimes flooding, with more than one post per day, other times, very steady.. one post a day for a month, and at other times, it slows down due to time demands.

the desire to write, to share, it’s always there.. even when I do not get word on the paper, er blog, I runs in my head.. My hubby is by far the better writer, and I do not just mean a better writer because he gets published.. (by the way, he has a new short story in the coming in Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen  Available for pre-order) but because he follows all the rules, and his spelling and grammar is outstanding..

Me.. not so much, in fact I am just going to come out and say.. thank you for those that stick around, because I know that you must at times read some things I put out and go huh.

I often despite reading my first writing, will fill in the blanks in my head on what is missing on the writing..  I truly feel for those that get the posts by email, that means you get the very first version, at least those that read from the blog a day later, gets the first edit round from me as I can then see some of my mistakes.. those that read popular back posts have the best chance at a well done post as at times I have can edit two to five times as I go back and read something and correct it yet again.

So here is my request to you.. If something is not clear, and the subject interests you, if you have a moment, pop me a note in the comments and I will do my best to answer and clear up the area that is poorly worded or explain it more 🙂

The other thing I wanted to touch on was what is the blog about.. when I started 5 years ago, it was ok to jump all over the place but the blog world has become much more tailored.. and I have not and do not expect to follow on that path..

So what does hold the blog together.. the farm of course..

The farm is the very heart of the Blog, be it the land, the critters, the plants, the season’s themselves all play a part..    If you join the blog at a certain time of the year, when its heavy on recipes or gardening or ?? it will shift with the seasons of the year.. it will flex and move when I take on small challenges, but it will always come back around to things that flow on the farm with the seasons.

I hope you will enjoy what gets put down on the pages in 2016, its exciting to think that at the end of the year that book will be full, where today its wide open!

Cheers to your wide open clean book, may you write an awesome story of your own in 2016!

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9 Responses to Happy New Year 2016

  1. Mary Ehlert says:

    Hi Farmgal and Happy New Year to you and your family too. I love the blog, no problems reading it or filling in the blanks. I have a dyslexic daughter and learned early on to read what she meant, not what she wrote. After dealing with that for so long your writing is more of a case of your mind racing ahead of your fingers as you write. Keep on going and keep jumping all over the place, it’s the best blog around!


    Happy New Year Farmgal. I want to thank you for your blog and assure you that I have never had any problem understanding what you have written. Please keep doing such a wonderful job.

  3. illoura says:

    I appreciate all you share here (I’ve only been reading for half an hour, lol). Love all the pics and the personal take on how farming/growing/raising things has an effects on you and how you view life thru those things! (Living on a ‘working’ farm has been my dream since I was 4. At this point I’d be happy with an acre… but if you visit my blog you’ll see that although these dreams are on hold I find ways to live the farm life thru blogs like yours,unceasingly planning for the future, as well as doing what I can where I am). I get huge encouragement from people who live the life now, and take their lessons as my own; for instance, the way 2012’s garden results were 1/2 of what you got in 2011 because of weather- but hugelkulture really worked to increase your yeild totals! So I will include hugelbeets in my plans (as well as a greenhouse and planning to have seed planted out for both hot and cold climates (because the weather is always weird now)!

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I think that most of us – well those who’ve been around for a while, anyway – know how busy you are, and realise the most important part for you is to get the thoughts out on the blog – not whether the grammar is correct, or how pretty something sounds; so NO worries, FG. Happy New Year to you and your DH too!

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