Farm Safety

So I had a little opps on sunday late afternoon, I was helping my hubby in a outbuilding, its a old one and we have done repairs on it before, its raised off the ground, so while not as high as modern basements under, think old fashioned root cellar height and it has a row of pens, with this amazing weather, the weekend was spent among other things giving everything a tidy, sweep and clean up and the pens were getting a full clean out and rebedding with straw and some square bales, I went into a pen to do a feed dish and honestly I did not feel any warning, hubby had worked in the pen as it was newly cleaned  but none the less, when my right foot hit just the right spot, the floor gave way.. and down I went, as the foot went though so the rest of the leg followed, and Whamp!

One second standing, and then next I am on the floor, one leg though the floor and dangling in the air and the other in a odd form of the splits and as my body flew backwards, I also cracked my shoulders and head into the floor..

Ouch, I repeat OUCH!

Hubby was in the building and looked when I yelped, cried out and saw me down, he came to my aid of course but I had to stop him and have him check the rest of the floor, afraid that my weight or our combined weight could trigger more issues with the floor, but it was solid all around  and so hubby was able to grab my arms behind me, and I was able to push up and wiggle my way out of the hole.

Hubby quickly found a spare piece of plywood and we put it over the hole and slapped a straw square bale over it to boot, it will have to be redone and the whole floor will need to get the test and see if any other repairs are needed..

that is the first time I have ever had that happen and I hope it will be the last.. so I did take a pain killer but it was not enough, I moved over to a painkiller with muscle relaxant and that helped a great deal.

I got off very lucky, my right knee is bruised up good, while the foot went though it was my knee that did the rest of the damage snapping and pushing the wood out the bottom and its what took the worst of it, which is odd considering that leg never hit the ground, just went though.. the hips, back and neck are sore, but more in a like you hit the breaks really, really hard sore, and once the swelling and stiffness goes down, I will go to my favorite bone cracker and get a tune up..  but its my inner that is so sore..

like I did sit ups till burn, like I did a long bush ride on the horse, and the next day, everything you do makes your core hurt and burn.. that kind of sore.. it makes movement quite painful.

Still I am grateful that my injuries are so minor, I am grateful that it happened when hubby was in the building, and I very grateful that it was only one leg that went though, now to slowly heal up, it may have taken a mear moment to happen but it will not heal nearly as fast that is for sure..

So my farmgal tip of the day:  Take the time to check your upper floors at least twice a year for spots that might be failing. Its worth the little bit of extra work to do so..

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11 Responses to Farm Safety

  1. Oh man, so sorry to hear about the fall, sounds rough.
    I have been missing your blog for over two months now, maybe longer. I kept thinking “I wonder why she’s not posting? I hope something bad didn’t happen.” And then today I finally figured out that it had somehow been deleted off my blog reader or something. Ach! So I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. Glad I found it again and that you have been blogging.

  2. So sorry to hear about your fall. Ouch!
    I have been missing your blog for 2-3 mths now, maybe longer. I was worried something bad happened and you weren’t blogging anymore. Then today I realized it must have gotten deleted off my blog reader or something because here you are, posting away. So I have some reading to catch up on. Glad you are still blogging!

  3. Deb Weyrich -Cody says:

    Oh GEEZ FG! Thank goodness for small mercies and you’re still in one piece!!
    Lots of HUGS! Deb

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh GEEZ FG! Thank goodness for small mercies and you’re still in one piece!!
    Lots of HUGS! Deb
    Oh shoot, I almost forgot… Don’t forget to send that collage photo that I’m going to need for future reference, okay?; )

  5. Wow, sounds scarey!.. I’m glad you’re OK

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