Juno needs a boyfriend..


Miss Juno is huge for a wee girl yet, she is not expecting, which is excellent, I had a minor worry that she got bred before coming home but she has had her first fall heat. I am glad that she got to put all her energy into growing and grow, she did.. She is as big if not bigger then all my hair sheep already.

Certainly she will need special feed and care after being breed, but she also needs a boyfriend..  he will be joining the farm next week for a visit, we will have him for her next breeding cycle, and keep him till she either comes back into heat for the next round or goes out of heat and is proven expecting.

He is a very sweet, calm, polled boy who is mostly the same mix as her, dairy with meat mixed in..

Their offspring will good for a milking doe and even better if she gives me bucks to fixed young and fine eating when butchered out. Looking forward to working with goat hides again as well.

But of course the real goal is lots of fresh milk for the house.  I will be busy with a milking goat and a milking sheep for 2016.


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