12 months- 12 soaps.. Rebatching leftover bits into new soap

Well its Feb 27th and I have been waiting and waiting for a order of a few things to come in, I need some organic things to arrive before I make the baby soap and I want to be able to do a herbal infusion on the oils themselves before making the hair shampoo bar, I have looked at making a salt bar for this month but wanted to get to a store where I could get some black salt, I have this image of a soap made and then splitting it in to and making half a batch with white salt and half with black salt and then topping it with rock pink salts..

If I can get it to work, it will be stunning but looks like I will either need to order black salt online or get to the only store that carries it in downtown Ottawa to make it happen, its on the hit list for sure..

But that left me wide eyed and blinking trying to come up with something for Feb, and I did promise that I would do something a bit different and challenging to me each time, so while I could have made a pretty soap..  I wanted more..

So today, I cracked out one of my number of soaping books and flipped.. AH ha!!! Milled soap, rebatching soap. perfect.. I had a brown paper bag filled with trimming from three different soaps, I had a lovely creamy sheep soap that could be finely grated as a base and I could make a rebatch of soap..

2013-01-01 1525 (400x300)

But how did I want to do the rebatch, I could grind it all down so that it would “melt even” and give me a pure looking bar, or I could grate half of it, so that it would melt faster and then cut the chunks into the right size’s and leave a real texture to the soap when it was cut.. This is what I decided to do..

2013-01-01 1526 (400x300)

The base was a creamy off-white soap, the three soaps bits ranged from a red wine brown, a white/red and brown/orange, all well within a comfortable color pallet range.. perfect.. The scents of the two soap’s done would work well together, and the other two soaps are unscented, so no issue there..

Now the big perk of doing this is once its set up, and sliced, while drying is needed because you are adding water in the process and you need that to cure out, the soap itself is ready, as all the soap used in making it was already cured, so in that way, its like a melt and pour.

You add it with just a bit of water, you need enough water that it will melt out, but just.. you want a low heat (lots of folks do this in a crock pot), here it is at the wet stage..

2013-01-01 1527 (400x300)

Now I got it where I want it, the grated has melted down, its thick and feels like its at trace but the bigger pieces are all still there, warmer for sure, the small bites melted in but the bigger still holding shapes and colors

2013-01-01 1529 (400x300)

Now I poured it into my mold, and it was full, its a full two plus pound loaf of soap and it had air bubbles, I banged it up and down and up and down, carefully of course and in small motions but still.. whack, whack, and still the bubbles rose, not sure I got them all but it is what it is now!

2013-01-01 1530 (400x300)

Into a small box and into my cold storage room to set up. As I expected, some air bubbles and its a wild looking soap, I think I should have made some of the bigger pieces a little finer an I think I would lay a sheet of parchment and put a weight on top next time, to help meld it all together, but none the less it sliced well and is now drying..

2013-01-01 1535 (400x300)

It does not need cure time before use, but it will still need the drying time to make it a hard bar of soap, right now its soft, and would just melt out if used..

2013-01-01 1536 (400x300)

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6 Responses to 12 months- 12 soaps.. Rebatching leftover bits into new soap

  1. Verla Sharp says:

    I’m still waiting!!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    COOL! Looks like something you’d see under the microscope; )

  3. dreamfarming says:

    It looks like cheese that an alien made. I like it!

  4. Ann says:

    Thank you for walking us through the process. I have been too unsure of the actual process to try for myself. I have pieces but the way my book was written left me wondering….. I may try this for myself as it warms up outside. I do all my soap work on the patio.

    • For the first time and for the best results, ideally, you really do want to grate or grind it all to equal pieces, if you stir fast enough or with to much water to make soap, it will leave small bubbles in the top, despite banging it many times, so do keep that in mind, I tried one bar and they really need to dry but it lathered well, scented fine but some of the little pieces popped off and yet others didn’t.. not sure why to tell the truth.. but there is the rest of the story as they say 🙂

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