March Challange.. It the beginning..2014

Well, it looks like I have one for sure, maybe two folks that are going to join me in March Challenge so far..

I have two freezers full of meat, I have fresh eggs and milk coming in on the farm at this time, I have my storage and pantry, still good in my winter storage from the garden/farm, I have butternut squash, pumpkin, acorn and spaghetti squash, and potatotos.

From the store I have, onions, cabbage, carrots and beets, and that’s pretty much it, I have beans for sprouting, I have pots of herbs started, I have spinach already growing in the window ledge, and I have started pea’s and pumpkins in pots, not because I have any hopes for pea’s  or pumpkins but because I want to be able to eat the fresh greens.

I intend to plant a few other things but will save that info as its being done during the challenge itself.

I am going to be in trouble at least a few times this month, first I have a birthday that is falling in it, and I don’t know how that is going be dealt with, second, I have a dear friend that wants to get together and have lunch, I will talk to her and see if she might be open to me either bringing a lunch for both of us or if she is comfortable with her eating and me not.. will figure it out..

I am missing Doomer on this challenge, I would love to see how she would do this year on the farm, she has been a part of this for the past couple years, her challenges in the apartment in a city was interesting, now on her first winter on the homestead, I would be interested in hearing what changed, what was different now that she had the critters, now that she was so far from the store, but also now that she is coming into march, its a hard month indeed when you are living on the land..

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4 Responses to March Challange.. It the beginning..2014

  1. I have to laugh, I started sprouts and a few plantings for the change as well. After I did a quick review of my food stocks.

    Not sure how well I will like using powdered milk but it will be a good test. Since I am coming off 2 months of challenges ($10.00 for food $15.00 for the critters) my freezer is almost empty…but mom’s is still full. I did blow this month’s budget on a large bottle of organic raw blue agave syrup $12. but it should last me 6 months. I will be going back to work in the middle of the challenge so it will take a bit of extra planning.

  2. queen of string says:

    Whilst not joining you per se, we have been inspired to inventory what we have and commit to using as much as possible during the month. At the moment, stored food tends to stay stored, which isn’t a lot of use really. We have an exchange student for one of the weeks so that might throw us for a loop. Also, we have just committed to a trip to the UK, so I would count any lesser spending towards offsetting this trip ( something which I aim to do 100% of by any means before we go).

  3. LuckyRobin says:

    I think I will try it for a week. We will start on March 2 and go through March 8. We will be travelling on Friday and Saturday so that’s not the best time to try to start. And we will be celebrating my son’s birthday the next week and he’s long been promised a dinner at a certain restaurant. But after his birthday dinner I may consider doing it for the rest of the month, too. We’ll see how the first week goes. I keep a pretty stocked pantry, but I do like fresh greens so that will be my biggest temptation. The dandelions should be starting soon, though. I think I’d have an easier time doing a 50 mile food shed challenge though.

  4. calliek says:

    Sadly there’s no way we can join in this year either- there’s nothing left in my pantry already! It’s been a pretty chaotic winter and I don’t know why things are so barren but I had to do big grocery run today. Which means I know have food enough to last for a few weeks but I think that would be cheating.

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