Garden plans for 2014

I’m going lean this year.. I want to produce a lot of food, I need to restock the larder and pantry.. This is only counting thing that need to be replanted yearly in the gardens.

Tomato’s- 50 plants of sauce tomato’s, 5 of cherry tomato’s, and 5 of fresh eating tomato’s

Pepper Plants- 24 plants- Basic Green, that turn to red, medium size peppers

Hot Peppers- 4 plants- for making ground dried hot pepper spice

* Added in two more Hot pepper kinds and plan for another six to eight plants for Christmas presents.

Carrots – Basic regular orange carrots

Parsnip-One row

Beets- Round red beets, Golden beets, and Candy Beets, long beets (for slicing)

*Added in three more kinds of beets in seeds, so more rows of beets will be needed.

Cucumbers- 12 pickling, and four plants fresh eating.

Ground Cherries -12 plants

*plus all the extra babies that grow up and will be moved to rows or food forest etc.

Green Beans- Multiply plantings, many rows of dark green beans

Scarlet runner beans

Three rows of beans for drying and storage- Update later on them

* in total, I have 22 different beans that are going to be grown this year, some fresh, almost all of them are going to be drying beans for future use at some point, all heritage beans, some are good for canning as well. Some are going for planned xmas presents.

Broccoli- Three different plantings of six to a dozen plants each

Brussel Sprout plants- 12

Onions- Green onions and yellow winter keeping onions

Cabbage- Green Hard core- Winter keepers- One row

Turnips- One row- White with purple top and one row Rutabega (yellow flesh)

Raddish- Many sowings and crops

Greens- Extra Greens for freezing for winter use and or drying.. all kinds of the regular greens I grow.

Peanuts- One Row

Cerlic-One row

Kohlarbi-One row- Green and Purple -Mainly fresh eatin but not all.

Melon- Sweet Baby watermelon, Cantalope

Sugar pea’s -Fresh eating and freezing

Pea’s Freshing eat (never have enough to freeze)

Corn-Popcorn only -buy corn to can when ready and fresh.


Winter- Butternut -A full row, so 48 plants worth

Summer- zucchini, green- 12 plants

Pumpkin- pie


Red, Yukon, pinks

* Added in six more kinds of spuds, all to give them a try and see how they do..

Sweet potato’s- 25 slips, all short season for our area..

Soft fruit, adding in another 60 early season raspberry canes




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19 Responses to Garden plans for 2014

  1. queen of string says:

    I like your lists better than most because I know you really eat from your garden. I don’t have a lot of space here, about 8 raised beds, a couple of other areas of dirt and a 20ft greenhouse. Can I ask how long “1 row” is for you? Thanks.

  2. Wow I wish my yard was bigger so I could grow decent size garden.Did I read that you are going to grow Peanuts?? i never knew you were able to grow them this far north.I am curious as to how well they grow and how much you get from each plant. Love following you.You are so informative.Thanks Karyn

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, sounds awesome!
    Have I ever mentioned the Kentucky Wonder climber to you before? It’s a brown seeded type that I have had come up ON ITS OWN from “garbage” pods left to over-winter on the trellis… (A very tough variety: )
    I run my trellis along the north end of the garden for shade-loving things like lettuces…

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Hey FG? Got a question for ya… What does “landrace” mean?
      I LOVE pickled: Dilled cukes/beans/carrots, Sauerkraut…
      and fermented foods like: Yogourt, Kefir, Beer, Mead and Wine (of course; )
      Have you ever tried Kimchee – the Korean version?


        A landrace is a local variety of a domesticated animal or plant species which has developed over time, by adaptation to the natural and cultural environment in which it lives.[1] Landraces are usually more genetically and physically diverse than formal breeds.

        You know when I talk about my mixed plants that have the quality’s I like for my growing area and for production but they don’t “breed” true like something you would get from the seed companies, that’s a land race.. its genes that are being grown year after year on your land, your climate and for your needs.. 🙂

        I like most of the ones listed above but I don’t think of pickled foods as being fermented, in which case, we quite like them 🙂

  4. calliek says:

    I’m envious of the amount of space you have to grow things! Looks like a fabulous list.

  5. Lisa says:

    Like every one says, I wish I had that much room. Where do you get your seeds?
    Have you tried year round gardening like Eliot Coleman?
    Do you preserve by fermentation? I have been reading that it is a healthier alternative.
    I am going to try making your lotion bars this afternoon. They sound nice.

  6. Lisa says:

    I have gone to the local Seedy Sunday for several years now and last year ordered from Heritage Harvest for the first time last year. I also stopped in at William Dams and Richters last year also. This year I am ordering from Veseys for the first time. I also buy from local stores like TSC etc. I am planning on greatly expanding my garden again this year since I received a rototiller for Christmas and don’t have to dig by hand. So I was just wondering if there other places that I didn’t know about or if you had a favorite place. I also just signed up for a seed saving workshop.

    I have the year round gardener book also. Last fall we built a small greenhouse/hoop house and I planted spinach and kale but it is too small to harvest because it I late getting it in. I have nibbled on some when cleaning the snow off it and am looking forward to trying it next winter.

    I am not sure if any of us like fermented veggies or not but it will be this falls experiment. I like to try some thing new every year. I also think it will be a skill worth knowing. I am going to trying making one of these I just got the book Art of Fermentation

    My lotion bars are in the molds. Thanks Lisa

    • If you have them planted, just you wait, they maybe be small but towards the end of feb, they will start taking off and they will be your first harvests in march, Its so nice to have it come in. I got that same book but have not done near enough with it 🙂 We can both give different things a try, I got it for xmas, so its a new one in the house.

      I hear you on the rototiller, that is why I use the pigs and the straw bedding etc for a lot of things, digging by hand is a lot more work then most folks want to do 🙂

    • lisa, without going into details, are you in the local Ottawa valley area, we might run into each other and I would love to say hi 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    Not anymore but I used to live in Vankleek Hill for about five years and have lived in several places aound the province. It would be great if I did as I would loved to meet some women that are interested in gardening but I consider it lucky when I meet someone who likes to cook let alone put up preserves. The one lady I know that still does canning, has giving up gardening but she is almost 80 and still splits her firewood. We go berry picking at the local u-pick together. I am in the southern part but am originally from the northern part. We occasionally visit over your way.

    So I have had several different gardens but not as much as here. I would love to have some animals but even though there are cows on the other side of the fence our township says you need 50 acres to have a chicken. But have as many big dogs as you want lol. I didn’t realize chickens needed so much room.

    I am hopping that the running the tiller will be a lot easier and faster that digging by hand. I will fined out when I try it the first time this spring. It is a lot of work to dig by hand but when you want a garden you do what has to be done. Besides that and splitting firewood are a great exercise program that saves instead of costing like going to the gym.
    Glad to hear that thing will start growing again this month. We go through a lot of greens juicing. I will just have resist planting in the empty places until its moved.

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