One month in.. total of 15.9.. not bad at all.

Start of another week for weigh in, Total loss to date : 15.9 , well look at that, I am back down to my pre-holiday weight, thank you!, thank you!

  • Oct 27th- 54.6
  • Nov 2nd 50
  • Nov 9th- 46.2
  • Nov 16th – 42
  • Nov 23rd -38.7

It was a rough week, I had a stuffing day that I was sure to really throw me off, I had two meals where I really over eat, good food yes but still far to big of portions, I didn’t get enough excerise, but none the less, the care given the rest of the time, was reflected in the scale this morning,

I am still being faithful in my daily food and fertility journey blogging but I do find it hard on some days to write it out.

I have never been on so many meds, herbs or had such a restrictive food program, but I am adjusting, my taste buds are getting better, I have figured out that I can do black pepper splits as a slow eating treat, I am allowed the seeds and as long as you do them one at a time, your pre-measured bowl goes along way.

I am still finding giving up coffee, tea and all other forms of caffeine including chocolate to be one of the hardest, much harder then giving up fried foods or sugar.

Month one of the pre-pregnancy cleanse is done! Two more to go and then we are allowed to start trying, If I can keep up the good work, I will for sure meet the goal of 26 pounds off by the end of month three!

Blessings to all!

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1 Response to One month in.. total of 15.9.. not bad at all.

  1. Marie says:

    15.9 lbs in one month isn’t just “pretty good”, it’s freaking AMAZING! Don’t cut yourself short girl, you’re doing fantastic! WOOOOT!

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