Making Grape Juice and Grape Jelly..

Needed to get the rest of the grape juice turned into canned Grape Juice and Grape Jelly today so that I have the space to start working on the plum, plus I need to do a big old heap of apple sauce soon.. Here is the process in a nut shell in pictures..

2013-01-01 411 (600x450)

Fresh cold grape juice, its been strained for the second time, needs to be brought back up to a boil and then the sugar added.. but while doing that, you need to get your jars, lids and water bath boiling water ready..

2013-01-01 413 (600x450)2013-01-01 412 (600x450)2013-01-01 410 (600x450)

A trick to share on this one, all my grape juice went into pint jars that were with narrow mouths, and all my grape jelly went into wide mouth jars, that way, I can tell at a glance which is which, without even labels.

This is the canners treat, just as the cook gets to have a nibble here or there.. this is the treat that a canner making jam or jelly can sit down to at the end of the session, its also a nod to my family in so so many ways.. the bread recipe is my grandmothers, the knife that cut the bread was my grandfathers, the love of canning come right down the line, and the love of foam on bread, that was my mom’s voice whispering in my ear!

2013-01-01 418 (600x450)

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