woof, Woof.. WOOF, WOOOOOOOOF…

So I had woke up with the alarm clock but was enjoying the relaxed way I got to stretch and wake up, Dh had slipped out and put goon out to graze after his bottle, he had been kind enough to take the first morning hay down for the barn critters and the hounds were good..

Then I heard a bark, it was low and with breaks, and I figured it was the lamb in the yard.. I know the lamb is in the yard, so I yelled up, Quiet! then came louder barking, ok, Ok, I get it, the lamb is out there.. Enough! and instead of silence, I am get.. louder and faster barking, now it has hit the sound of..

Alert, Alert, Alert, something is in the YARD!!!!!!!!! MOM!!! the YARD!!!!

At which point, I leap out of bed and head upstairs to see what I assume will be the fox or ? in the yard, the lamb is now crying and as I get 3/4th of the way up, Dh has reached the door, and opens it, and I am shocked to see that Farmer T and Brandy are standing in the yard..

I duck and head back down to get a summer dress (heh, I didn’t know he would open the dang door at just that moment, now did I) and turns out one of the small gates was open (and it looks like I was the last one though it) and Brandy had gone over to visit the other horse herd, the kinda funny thing is that she kept going around the front pasture looking for them, but they are in the summer back pasture at this time, so she was searching in vain.

I was a bit surprised to find out that it took about five min to get her to trust that she should be caught, although when I think about it, it normally takes me a bit of time to get her horse’s to let me catch them when I need to, so it would make sense that it would be the same with mine.. just because we can walk up and catch them, does not mean that just anyone can..

while I am not at all happy that she appears to have spent a good part of the night out visiting, at least if she went straight next door, she was not out walking around, so that is a good thing, much better then if she went down the road to see that herd etc. Double good thing that she had her new halter on, I wonder if it would be worth considering getting a small tag for her halter with our address on it like you would for a hound?

After we got brandy back and settled, and I did a little checking, found a small part of the flock that was out but with the help of the Black Goddess hound, they are quickly rounded up and put back into the main pasture with the rest of the flock.

Will need to walk the fence line and double check that they didn’t get out anywhere else, think I might see if I can add a new chain on that gate as well as a double check measure.

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3 Responses to woof, Woof.. WOOF, WOOOOOOOOF…

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ha, LOL! Now isn’t there a saying about closing the barn(yard) gate AFTER the horse is gone??!
    And ANOTHER one about “being a sight for sore eyes”? LMAO!!
    Oh no, that should’ve been “Closing the barn DOOR after the horse is gone” Snort, giggle, giggle. Oh, please excuse me while I go wipe the tears off of my cheeks… But thanks, I needed that! Ahem. Sorry, that was very unsympathetic of me. (snort)

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