The weekend filled with chores, and visits..

This weekend flew by so fast it was here and gone in a blink, two new litters of rabbit kits arrived on the farm, one of six and the other of nine! Tippy Toes Kits have decided they are big little babies and left the nest and are coming and going in the outside part of their hutch with momma and are nibbling on fresh greens, hay and I even saw one at least trying the pellets!

I didn’t take my one morning off this past weekend, I have been working hard to get Girls Milk production back up and on par after her “over heat day” and I didn’t want to miss that, so I milked seven for seven. In truth it was not bad really, I certainly enjoyed having the extra milk and cream in the house.

Both days on the weekend end was a hurry, do chores, clean in the house, get ready and Visit! LOL

I was honored and thrilled to get to spend lunch and the whole afternoon visiting with Anita and her hubby on Saturday, I am still not sure how a hour or two visit turned into more like five an half but when time just slips by, you know its a good one..

Sunday was very much the same, I had set the alarm to get up before 6am to be able to get everything done and the van packed up for our meet, visit and potluck in the forest, it was wonderful, while I knew that some folks I had meet before would be there, new folks are welcome to the group and you just never know if they are going to click and work or not, yesterday was one of those awesome meets/visit with over a dozen people and yet within minutes, it was like all of us had known each other for year and where just chatting away.

I was thrilled to get to meet and spend the day with another regular commentor on the facebook part of the blog, we had hoped to meet in the spring, and I did get to meet her hubby, they are such a awesome couple, sure a honest hardworking group, our longest drive member came from about four hours away and most of the folks came an hour to an hour half away to make the meet, gotta love folks that will go the extra mile to make things happen.

After we got done and home, and the bare basic’s were done, I crashed for a power nap, and then was up a couple over the night while hubby stayed up and slept right though all things I was up for, so that’s a give an take..

On a normal weekend, I typically talk to my hubby, my mom and at some point Farmer T and family, maybe one or two other members of my family and perhaps hubby’s momma, so for me, that was a very heavy duty visiting weekend, I loved it, it was exciting and interactive (that’s my outgoing side) and at the same time, I will not tell a lie, I was thrilled to come home and have quiet :)(that would be my inverter side).

I remember when I took the test in collage, 51% outgoing and bold as can be, 49% totally fine with being a homebody, with being with myself etc.. Today, I am alone, so I am singing, talking to critters, pulling weeds a bit, doing housework and baking off some fresh berry pie.. Later today if the temps hold, I am going to go work my horse.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.. so tell me if you are willing, are you the outgoing, love to have folks around, or are you like me, you like the best of both worlds, you can go either way depending, or are you the quiet one, the shy one, the one that takes time to open up and become part of the party.. or are you, What do you mean party, I would never go to one of those.. no way, no sir!

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3 Responses to The weekend filled with chores, and visits..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    These days, somewhere in the middle – but when I was little, definitely more of a “sit back and observe” type.
    Speaking of berry pies… Do you harvest wild gooseberries? This year, they are HUGE and I LOVE Gooseberry pie, but the bush at the farm didn’t have prickles on the berries. Are there special steps for using the “wild” ones?

    • I have eaten a lot of gooseberries, but I don’t know that I have done wild ones, but when they have the prickles, or tops and tails, I simmer just enough to mash and then I use the seeder, getting the juice, most of the flesh, none of the tops/tails or skins, I tend to put that back again in the pot with a good amount of water and then simmer and drip drain it for a second round of juice

      That is what works for me, I just don’t have time to do large amount of gooseberries any other way..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        All have tops ‘n tails, all gooseberry bushes have thorns, but “domesticated” berries don’t have prickly fruit. There have been (bird donated?) wild bushes here for many years, but I’ve never seen them grow (at least) as large as the domestic type before.

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