Lilac Jelly

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Its that time of year to make lilac jelly or syrup.. collect your flower bunches, don’t cut the branches to do this, just break off the flower clusters only, you will need to pick the flowers themselves off the stems, and lose the green bits as well.. you can see on the above photos of both open and just about ready to open flowers work just great.

Then boil your water and pour it over your jars,  it will start to lose color right away, let them sit for a min of eight hours or overnight, strain and measure your lilac water, follow the jelly direction on your certro box for grape jelly.

Or measure out your wanted liquid in apple or pear juice, add the flowers, simmer for 20 min and then strain and do as above in regards to recipe.

2012-12-24 246 (500x375)

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6 Responses to Lilac Jelly

  1. pittipanna says:

    There’s a Swedish beverage, saft by spelling, sounds like soft when you say it. One of the variations is a lilac beverage. I’ve yet to make it but it’s supposed to be quite tasty and refreshing.
    Here’s a link to a recipe

  2. I’m on my last batch. First batch with No Sugar needed pectin 1/2 cup honey – not so great. Next batch with 1 1/2 cups sugar – much better! Third batch using Pomona’s pectin…Taste testing to commence in an hour or two!

    • Hi Anita,

      Not certain that you can get away with a no sugar lilac jelly, I believe you on the not so great.. I will be interested to hear how the taste tests go, just once, do consider making it with the apple, pear or half apple, half pear juice in place of the water, its a lovely version.

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