March 2013-Odd Bits Challange- Pork Jowl

Well, both my double dare ya challange and my odd-bits in march is a bit late but its been crazy and the weather has not been helping..

None the less Pork Jowl is my March odd bit.. now last year I made Pork Jowls into a form of bacon..

Now that was a cured jowl and not one of my own homeraised piggies, but this was a big old jowl from Angelo (and of course I have second one yet in the freezer) and o it looked so different just at first blush, tons more meat on this one, less fat for sure..

I didn’t cure it, I decided that I would raise spice rub it on both sides, and slow roast it on a bed and with a covering of onions.

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 110 001 (500x375)

This is the pulled meat with the fat removed, the mashed onions and the wonderful rich and full bodied broth that was created.. Delightful! Now comes the really interesting part, check out the two differnet colors on this jowl..

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 110 002 (500x375)

When was the last time say pork be so dark as the meat on the left, what was very interesting to me, is that some ws typical on the right..hmm I pulled the meat apart and used some as fresh eating for my lunch with the rest put aside to me pulled and mixed into filling.. some pickles, some lovely mayo, some chopped fresh peppers, served up with some greens on freshly made flat breads.. Going to be so yum!

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4 Responses to March 2013-Odd Bits Challange- Pork Jowl

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hmm, have you ever heard of “light” and “dark” pork before?

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