Beestings Farmers Cheese

This recipe was dead easy and worked amazingly well, take 2 pints of the 3rd day milking of colustrum (the first milkings are even richer and darker in color), gently heat till just under a simmer, and remove from heat and let sit and curd up, I let mine sit for 12 hours, and then drained/pressed with a light weight overnight in the fridge..

I was left with the cheese and 3 and half oz of rich whey left over.. I will share recipes as I use it..

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  5. Brenda Perry says:

    Do you sell she colostrum if so contact me at I know the benefits of it and I am trying to recover from strokes and high blood pressure I would appreciate any other information that you may have thank you very much look forward to hearing from you sincerely Brenda Perry p.s. I am interested in colostrum cheeses

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