Toad Tadpoles-Round three..

Last nights update:

So:  Operation “Toads Worry – Be Happy” is underway, in its modified form.  The mud hole has two to four inches of water and will be dry tomorrow unless it rains (60% chance, they say – but the radar imagery shows no rain imminent).

No photos.  Batteries died again.  Definitely buying a charger and rechargeables on Wednesday.

1)  I dug further down in one of the adjacent pits, then dumped probably 20 gallons or so from it into the main hole.  The water was murky, and the tadpoles are all beached on the edge of the water for oxygen, so it may not have necessarily been in their best short-term interests.  Hopefully it settles overnight.  Good news is – the water in the pit readily replaced itself, so the water table is not that far down.

2)  I took the post-hole digger and punched five holes, about a foot down (until, of course, I hit debris), in areas that had been wet yesterday but were dry today.  They promptly flooded.  I used the shovel to cut channels to the main wet area.  This should, hopefully, provide refuges for those that hang out there.

3)  I set up a colony in a blue tote box – mud on the bottom, a few clods with plants that I excavated yesterday, and some loose greens.  Took about five gallons of water from the mudhole, then added another five of tap water that I reckoned was about the same temperature.  Used a sieve to scoop out around a hundred tadpoles from the main pond and put them in the tote.  Covered with an old gate, since one of the sheep thought I was making a water bucket.

4)  Set up a second colony in the unused horse trough (I know I said it was not recommended, but…).  Added a few plants and dirt.  Used remnant water from the water barrels and a bucket of tap water.  Moved around two hundred tadpoles to this spot.

5)  Filled up four of the big blue water bottles with tap water and set them out to warm up overnight.  Tomorrow, I expect I’ll be adding them to the two colonies and transferring more tadpoles into them from what’s left of the pond.

This mornings update:

Well, it only rained enough last night to dampen the ground.

Tadpoles in the horse trough seem alright.  Less activity in the tote box, though that may be because it’s harder to see through that water.

As suspected, the pond has basically been reduced to my post-holes, all of which are teeming with tadpoles.  Guess I’ll be down with a sieve again after breakfast

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3 Responses to Toad Tadpoles-Round three..

  1. Never let it be said that my Dh gives anything less then 110 percent on something once he has decided that it will be done!

  2. You know something…

    Your good people

  3. Daisy says:

    “Toads Worry – Be Happy” LOL

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