What a Weekend for farm sales and freebies

Between Friends moving and a little curb shopping, we added in these items to the farm on the weekend.

One small pop-up greenhouse
12 8 foot pen panels plus 2 gates
4 by 4 chick or duckling raising box
1 large glass wine making jug
2 1 liter brown wine making jugs
1 full new case of canning jars
1 large box of assorted canning jars, and box’s of lids
1 bag of assorted rags, and cloths etc
1 Green Large living room Chair
3 Pink livingroom chairs(that fit together, one corner with a side on each)
1 Full Size Sears Hide-a-bed with mattress couch(as you can see it is approved by hound and purrpot alike, I agree with them, very comfy!)

Went a huge two ring farm sale on saturday and bought enough that we needed to trips to bring it all home..

64 4 inch by 6 inch round cake pans
5-3 loaf bread pans
6 huge bun pans
2 French loaf pans
14 wire freezer baskets
40 Welded Wire Trays with 2 inch lips
Small Cast Iron 7 Egg or Po Pan
Small Steel 2 shelve Table
2 Med Size Water Troughs on wood bottoms with castors

So what do you think? Did I find some amazing things to add to the farm/house/barns, all total we spent less than $200 the whole weekend. Which items have you scratching your head? Which ones got you going, ya-lucky duck?! 

Just a few thoughts on things that seem like they are odd one’s but in truth I think are Awesome deals!.. Lets start with those metal round cake pans, so some of them will end up as feed bowls, some will end up as measuring bowls in the steel feed bins, but most of them will end up in my house (or in truth more in my freezers), being 4 inches high and six inches round, they are perfect size for a two meal dinner, and they stack, so I am planning on making meat pies, a couple different Shepard pies, some homemade lasagna and lazy man cabbage rolls, a lazy man progies, along with fruit pies and five into round loaves of bread dough and five or so into fruit buns. This way when I leave the farm or its summer and crazy busy, DH can pull a bread pan out, thaw in the fridge during the day and bake-off when he gets home, and or for the meal ones, he can pull his choice out of the freezer, into the oven when he gets home and by the time he is done chores, it will be hot and ready with a full leftover second portion for his lunch the next day..  suddenly having 60 when looked at that way, and they will be so! useful.

Then comes all those freezer wire baskets, DH is going to make me a shelf for them to hang from and now I have open air drying and storage baskets for things like onions, and garlic and the list goes on!

So what idea’s would come up with if you had them? I would love to hear them?

That huge stack of welded heavy-duty 2 inch lips wire trays, Going to take them to the care wash and clean them up and in the summer, will lay one tray with greens, cover with a second tray and then clip them together and hang on the big tree branches to air dry massive amounts at a time on the good natural drying days, and then second, they are perfect size to fit my pantry shelves and with those 2 inch lips, they will work great to hold small jars in rows and keep them from shifting on the higher shelves, so that I can have them be the open rows where I can see everything instead of in the box’s etc.

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11 Responses to What a Weekend for farm sales and freebies

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Holy man, what a score!!
    Where would you be using the wheeled troughs; in a concrete barnyard (they look brand new, btw) or at they for more “raised beds”? Speaking of which; how’s that going anyway?
    Totally envious of all those bakery toys: ‘specially the two-shelf prep cart. LOVE the drying rack/bin idea(s).
    Are the things in lower left corner the massive bun trays you mentioned… Proofing trays maybe? I hate to ask; but who went out of business this time?
    (I am overwhelmed with auction envy; )

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      P.S. She’s a nice looking Labbie; your “old girl” and I almost missed the Tortoise-shell cat altogether (phone screen) :
      P.P.S. 64 cake pans(?) You must have quite the freezer!! One thing to think about though… You may want to have a layer or two of parchment between the metal and any salty or acidic filling if using for long-term storage. I seem to recall something about the possibility of a link between Alzheimer’s and aluminium?
      And might you share your “lazy man’s” pierogi recipe by any chance?

      • I thought she would claim the big green armchair but nope, she is glued to the new couch 🙂 I have a couple freezers to be honest, some only run part of the year and one is a meat freezer only.

        Good point about the pans, I didn’t think to say it but I will be lining them with tinfoil with overlap for the top covering and then will bag them up for stacking in freezer bags for extra protection, the tinfoil will keep the food from touching the pans and also make a huge help in cleaning up the pans themselves, typically I do this in many of my pans or pie plates and then I freeze them and pop the wrapped frozen portion out, stack them two or three high and then put them in the bags and back in the freezer, then when I want to cook them, I take out, put back in the right pan and cook it off, save buying one use freezer trays etc.

        I will do a post on the lazy man pierogi recipe, its so good and easy..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        P.P… Pretty sure your welded racks are the same size as the bakery trolley I have (interior measurement between shelf/slides is roughly 15 inches).

    • http://www.bearbrookfarm.com/

      This business downsized, they used to have a bed/breakfast/catering, plus a number of food trucks and custom butcher shop, as well as petting zoo, they downsized to the new place that I have listed above and had a massive sale, O how I wish they would have split up a few of those lots, they had so many steel pans, I would have loved to have got them in lots of ten or twenty but they sold them in lots of what would fit on the table, 30 to 50 was a smaller lot, in some cases it was up to a 100 of the same size pans, even I have a hard time figuring out what to do with that many of one item depending on what it was for.

      The deal on the propane fireplaces was crazy, they sold for 110 dollars each and the gentleman took all six of them, and no doubt will make a killing on them, fridges going for as low as ten, one person bought 7 large crock pots for 15 dollars for the lot, 12 working air conditionors for 5 dollars each, Microwaves for 1 each but you had to buy ten to get price, I really liked the milk crates but they sold them in a lot of 50 crates and as cheap as they were, and I am sure I could have found use, the amount of trips for gas to haul them home would have increased the costs for sure.

      The Water troughs are going to be hooked into rain water collection systems for self watering in both the big pasture (sheep) and small Pasture (cows). They are in great condition. Raised trough bed doing well, Lots up and growing in it, I will update on it with photos soon.

      Yes, proofing bun trays but also good for baking in, So glad that hubby agreed to come so that we could split up and cover both sides of the sales going on, only sad thing was that hubby did the outside walk and did a report back to me, and he missed two major things I would have wanted in a big way.. the first one was what he thought was counters but was in fact huge wooden cutting boards that went for 2 dollars for all three of them, they were two feet by five feet each.. whimper, o how I would have wanted those for my summer kitchen..and there was a huge metal bench that I would have loved to have gotten for the big dog yard, as it would be perfectly indestrutable, and if the boys marked it, you hose it down, but he say the tables and the wooden benchs and didn’t register the metal one for some reason.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Yup, you had the same troubles, I HATE it when they run two at once! Can’t say I’d want those guys running an auction for me; they could’ve gotten a lot more dividing things up better instead of going for the expedient (haste makes waste; ) method.
        And about lining those tins? I used to put stuff in the freezer using the technique you’re planning; until I noticed tiny little pinprick holes where it had been just barely touching my meat pies. That’s when I realised that the food had corroded the aluminium (tin)foil and, unknownst to us, we’d been eating (small amounts of) it.

      • hmm, well can’t say I have noticed that, but I could move over to parchment paper if needed.. They seemed to think that the crowd would not stay for the sale if it went long, but it started at nine, and that big building that had all the cooking stuff in it, was done by 2pm, and then that crew moved to the tent (would have loved some of the chairs etc but being sold in lots of either 50 or 100 or 200, then they moved to the next..in total five buildings plus the outside stuff. They were really moving, and there was no taking your time, but they did warn that.. and they meant it.

  2. Julia Swancy says:

    wow, you hit some awesome sales! I need some of that kind of luck! good ideas on the wire baskets especially, and all that stuff in the freezer. I need to get better at doing “cooking days” where I make meals ahead. I really despise cooking at actual dinner time, not sure why, but it’s one of my quirks 😉

    • It was indeed a great weekend, makes up for that sale that we went to a couple weekends ago where we drove, walked it, sighed and left as there was nothing I wanted to even look at getting.. I am getting better at picking sales to go to, and I was so lucky on getting that cast iron pan, it was in a huge table lot, and I didn’t want the rest of the table but I am a regular at the sales, so I asked very nicely if it could go up on its own, as there was no other cast iron, and I said I would start at x to make it worth the while, and so the gent gave me a wink and up it went and I started higher then normal and took it on the first bid 🙂

  3. grammomsblog says:

    Good job! I can’t believe all the stuff you got !

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