Cold-Slush-Wet with a bitter wind! Yup, its a offically a snow day!

God bless those new amazing winter duck boots, they sure came in handy today, we have hit the deep freeze (they say the cold is coming)but today has been on again, off again freezing rain, sleet, and snow taking turns, my windows that the wind can reach look like they have been frosted and are sheets of frozen ice covering them.. Hint, if you don’t have spike grips for your boots, do consider adding them to your winter gear..

I have cracked out the salt, and have steel ice breaker by the door, because you need to break the steps clear before even considering going out the door at this old gentleman hound, declared it very pleasent, as it warmed up if you are out of the wind and so sat and watched the winter world go by for awhile despite me asking him 3 times if he would like to come in.. to which I got a slow head turn, eye contact to let me know, “yes, I heard you” and when I want to come in, I will bark at the door, when he finally decided to grace the house again, he walked in covered in frozen ice and snow, a very cute snowpuppy, of course, if you went down into his coat, he was warm and dry under his winter coat, but I did point out to him that even the sheep have chosen the barn to get out of the storm.

On the other hand my old short coated mixed breed, gave me the sad puppy eyes and dug in under the blanket to the point that only her nose and eyes showed, sheez, I know I keep the house cool, but honestly!, so I finally said, ok, and plugged in the heated floor bed and moved it under her blankets, I figure that when I am 84 (her age approx in dog years) that if I want a warm bed to sleep in, that someone will turn it on for me 🙂

The ducks are snow bathing, nothing, and I mean Nothing! faze’s those ducks.. compared to duck, chickens are whimps.. I did get a bit of a surprise, I got a alert “Ufff” so went to see what was out of place in the barnyard as that was what was being watch.. didn’t take me long to see what has caught her eye, a big old chocolate and white Mcsvovy hen was sitting up on the top of the little barn and checking the world out.. So I went out and called her down, boy can those little ladies fly when they want to.. good thing, they don’t feel the need to run away from the farm because I have no doubt at all that they could if they wanted to.. not the boys, they are to big but the girls take to wing if and when they feel like it..

Check everyone in the barn, because its just the perfect kind of day for a sheep to decided to lamb out, but so far so good, but I did have to laugh at Miss Piggy, she had dug herself into her bed to the point that you couldn’t even see her, just hear her and she was not coming out unless it was worth it, she stuck her snout and eyes out.. did I have goodies, fresh water? Nope, then pop goes the head and a shiver or two in the bedding and back to sleep she went..

Its one of those perfect winter days where you just want to wrap up with a good book, a heavy blanket, and cuppa hot java.. so that is what I did this afternoon, I read The Ravan’s Gift by Don Rearden, its a interesting read, it’s a awesome mix of telling what the artic is like (so many things he wrote about, I remember thinking when we moved to Iqaluit), it about what would happen in the artic in the case of a pandemic, in this case the bird flu, and its most likely closer to truth then most folks would like..

Its a very interesting mix of fact, fiction, bitterness, courage, loss and hope.. I would like to say that it ends on a high note but I honestly don’t think that was the auther’s intent, I think he ended it more on a note of life moves forward, and that those that make it, only do so because they are naturally immune, and then they have to make a choice between being hard but honest or being evil and feeding off their fellow man(and I do mean feeding).

So often these type of books are set in city’s or talk about the golden horde etc, not so this book, it is in a way the direct opposite, a culture that has survived thousand’s of years on the land, a few generations of loss of skills, knowledge, and its based around a young couple that come up as teachers, who all find themselves cut off in the middle of a collapse..  I will highly recommend reading this book if you get the chance..

Now that I have had my very relaxing afternoon, I need to get busy and get my evening chores started, hope the rest of my fellow readers in this province are dealling well with this storm that is dropped on us, and as for the rest, what is your favorite thing to do when you get a couple hours to enjoy a snow day!

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7 Responses to Cold-Slush-Wet with a bitter wind! Yup, its a offically a snow day!

  1. Deb W says:

    Is it true that Muscovy Ducks are particularly good at catching flies in the barnyard? It sounds like they might be THE ones to get, if you only had room for one species that is.
    We had Mallards when I was a kid and I could just watch them for hours. To me, the Drakes are still one of the most beautiful birds there are: so smooth looking in their grey suits with chocolate brown chest, iridescent emerald green head and navy blue wing band for contrast and that dapper little curled up tail feather: ) Wild Tom Turkeys are next in my “beautiful suit of feathers (edible) native birds category” (as long as you don’t look at their heads; )
    Sorry for taking you back to old summer thoughts, but that’s where I went ’cause it’s just so crappy out.

    • Hi Deb

      They are very good at catching flies and keeping your waters clean of bug larva, they will also break apart cow pies for the grubs etc, they are good int he garden as well once the plants are well started or in the cages, but I find the lighter smaller hens better at this, they love strawberries, and tomato’s good for clean up, but not so good during harvest time.

  2. illoura says:

    Even though we haven’t yet got normal snows (yay!) I’m ready for the day we do!
    I just posted about this today- to share the idea of Kimberly’s “everything books”, because it’s just so darn perfect for a quiet/gray day – the perfect inspiring farmgirl activity!
    I’m pasting a link:
    THAT is what I hope to do, when the snow comes…

  3. Daisy says:

    We had a snow day here today, no way was I going to try to drive in that mess. Power was out for hours and we were so glad to have the gas stove for heat. Brrrrrr. I’m adding the book to my list, it sounds great. I’m trying to get through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo right now so the movie doesn’t ruin it for me, but I keep getting distracted by chicken books….:)

    • I hear you, hubby says we need to go out today to get to the feed store.. I think I am going to stay home and do a little butchering instead.. we are good so far on power, but I hear you, did you get that freezing rain as well? We have had lots of snow and its now cold but they say rain this coming week, that will make a huge mess and also put a ice crust on the snow that will be sharp enough to bleed you when you cut though it..

      The book is good, I have not read the girl with the dragon tattoo, I am reading the Omnivor Dilemmma at the moment by Micheal Pollan

      • Daisy says:

        We had some freezing rain overnight then the wind picked up and was causing white out conditions. Mom’s rule was if you can’t see the barns, don’t leave the house – so that’s what I did. 🙂 I ended up in town yesterday and it was a zoo, reminded me why I do my running around Friday nights.

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