Bird Sale -Round Two

I’m a little late on this post, its busy around here..

Bird Sale #2 for the spring season, it was a little further away, but thanks to GPS, alot closer then any year before but boy was I backroading it to make it happen, and those spring roads are rough in places, the sale started at 9am and I was meeting a friend.

The parking lots was crazy full, in the end it they ended up parking well down both sides of the roads, the sale was busy!, I have been to sales at the building before and this was packed!  As in Standing room only, the birds were good qaulity, and the prices were much lower across the board compared to the sale the weekend before.

I was once again grumpy at the lack of birds on my little list, the few that were in fact there that made my list, went above my marked high end price. I ended up coming home with four buys, two full size rabbit grow out cages, that can be used for rabbits, small birds or even as a safe place for a broody hen with young chicks.  I got these for about 20 percent in cost compared to buying new, which makes it “the sale” of the day for me.

I also got reminded to pay attention, I thought I was bidding on the second cage, and ended up buying metal feeders, good price, can always use them and they go with the cages but not truly a “needed” item.

Then comes the only living critter that came home with me which is now called Honk, a plain old mixed breed gander born last year, I had hoped to buy his mate, but she flew past my price range and just kept on going higher and higher as two other battlied it out of her.

I can’t say that I was nearly as happy with this sale as I was with the first one, they didn’t seem nearly as clear on what they had for sale in calling it out, they don’t have the big light so you can see what is coming up, I do understand that when it gets that busy, that its harder to give that personal touch, but I enjoyed the first sale more.

I left early before the sale was finished by hours, having said that, nothing was coming that was on my list and as I had lots of work waiting for me at home on the farm, plus to honest, I had reached my limit of the crowds, I can handle being in a crowd but after a while, having peaple pushed in all around me, starts to get to me.. It was a pleasure to arrive home and have that fresh air, space around me, the big blue sky and different feel that comes with my land.

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3 Responses to Bird Sale -Round Two

  1. queen of string says:

    I’m glad you were at least able to get something from your list! I haven’t been able to find a bird sale here at all, but did speak to someone whilst walking the dogs the other day who has chickens. She reckoned craigslist is the way to get quail, so will prob try that soon, when we have something to house them in. I did find an interesting looking general auction or three. Two of them seem to be big and fairly expensive looking stuff, but the other one looks most interesting with lots described as things like ” a bundle of garden tools” which I think is a good sign! Hoping to get there, at least to look, this week or next ( after reviewing your 101 obviouslly! ).

    • Ohh, that is exciting, can’t wait to hear how your sales goes and what you find, I was happy to hear you have found some..

      Consider posting on a site like

      I have found information on local sales though their postings before, if they don’t have the info you want, they should be able to direct you to folks that have good reps that would be willing to help you find your Quails,

      Also I found a hatchery that sells them.. might want to consider checking them out as well.

      • queen of string says:

        Thanks for those links, I had been on BYC before, but forgot they did sales. I have asked the breeders for a price list. When DH goes nuts I shall site your influence :-).

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